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September 23, 2017
September 22, 2017
September 21, 2017
September 20, 2017
September 19, 2017
  • Gavin Adkins

    I was really surprised that Jongewaard was not DQ’ed. I’m partial to a bit of argy bargy, and Vandy was no saint, but seriously, who even does that?

    • Karma

      Never liked Jongeward.
      The argy barge looked okay, even PVP pushing him away from his bike looked acceptable. But then CJ grabbing the wheel once he’s clear? No mate, that’s obvious sour grapes.

      I think he was annoyed that PVP wouldn’t back down from CJ trying to cut in the corner. Not everyone’s afraid of you CJ!

      • Pete

        yeah, he’s got a history of running people over.

        • iknow

          Jongewaard has done hard time for his past crime. You be the judge of the man’s character.

          • iknow

            PS, I am yet to meet a person who doesn’t think Jongewaard is a complete tool. He was spotted a few years back screaming expletives at other riders on the TDU ride just because they were a little slower or less practised on the bike. Quality guy.

    • Dylan

      Paul took his hands off the bars and pushed CJ into the barriers, that it is non regulation and started the whole incident, if anyone should have been DQ’ed, despite the poor form of Jongewaard’s wheel grab, it should have been Paul. Until that point, it was just racing and all was fair. What people think of Jongewood, his past mistakes or hard man attitude to racing has nothing to do with this, nor does the fact that Paul is a well liked nice guy.

      • jules

        it looked 50/50 to me. they became tangled up and maybe I can’t see enough from the video angle, but it looks like they were both wrestling a bit. to be honest, if I were PVdP, I’d have gone into that corner thinking “I’m coming out first” because you know that’s what Jongewaard would be thinking. CJ has done it before, more than once, and seems to get away with it, so why be a victim? would have been funny if 3rd place getter cruised past while they were still wrestling on the ground..

        • Dylan

          Yes, if third cruised through they would have both deserved it, that would have been gold! No one should have been DQ’ed though. Probably 50/50, but if I had to call it, Paul made the first illegal move.

          • AMK

            So grabbing a wheel in an act of retaliation is ok?

            • dylan

              An act of frustration while your heart rate is at max 100m from the line in a national championship, not the smartest thing to do, but a purely reactionary move. The same as Paul’s shove was. Ever had your HR at max in a race situation? You don’t react the same way you would in an everyday situation. If a lesson is to be taught, DQ both of them, don’t single out CJ.

          • Adrian

            Lost me I’m afraid. Coming in to the corner CJ crowds and leans on PVDP which doesn’t work, CJ gets pushed wide, either deliberately or because of his first action doesn’t matter, going wide like that is legal. They tangle. Still OK. Grabbing a competitor’s bike like that? On a par with the national MTB titles a few years back where he stayed in the middle of the track with a flat tyre to hinder Dan McConnell’s ability to pass. There are tactics and then there’s whatever you call this, but it isn’t tactics.

          • jules

            I just watched your video below and I’m now calling it against J-Blood, who if you look carefully CJ squeezes PVdP into the corner. this is why PVdP pushes J-Blood wide, as PVdP was denied a fair entry to the corner and is forced straight on. so good outcome with PVdP getting up I reckon.

        • Dylan
    • Baz

      Jongewaard deserved the push, and surprised he didn’t get a punch in the mouth after the race. Anyone here who is complaining that it was bad sportsmanship by PVP have never raced a bike with their heart rate at max, with something like that happening.
      You’re in that position to win the race and that corner was always going to make the result of the race.

      • MK

        I’ve done a lot of racing Baz and not opposed to a few nudges here and there. But my opinion is that they BOTH went over and above. Maybe both doing it cancels one anothers actions out, but at the end of the day, I’m very surprised that they weren;t DQ’d. Mark Renshaw probably is as well!

        • Baz

          Yeah it’s a crazy one, Like you I’ve raced a lot, for more than 10 years here and in Europe. Let’s face it everyone is talking about it, so it does create a brand for XC, which is a subculture all of its own. Which has that underground feel that the cool kids love haha.

      • Dave

        I’m more surprised that PVP didn’t get a punch (or worse) after the race, CJ is the Mike Tyson of cycling.

        If CJ won and the commissaires couldn’t find an infraction to relegate him, I would hope that the whole race would have been annulled and no national title awarded.

  • Simon

    Great win by Lachie, that’ll make Jake feel better!

  • AMK

    Looking forward to further coverage of the CX nationals. If you could explain how you can grab a competitors wheel (under any circumstances) and still be allowed to get a result that would be great.

    • MK

      I agree. It is a very bad look for the sport. Does this mean in future CX racers you are allowed to tackle other riders? My personal view is that they bioth should have been DQ’d.

      • BA

        Chris only held Paul’s wheel due to Paul shoving Chris. Since when are you allowed to shove other riders during a race?

        • Baz

          have you ever raced a bike champ? They both tried to hook each other into that corner.
          Bring back the shove haha

        • Paolo

          They only way for Paul to get out of there was to push back or lie down, but who would lie down in front of a clown?

          • Dave

            Not a clown, but a thug who should be in jail.

            I’m amazed that CJ got back on his bike instead of waiting there for PVP to come around past that area on the other side to have another shot at him.

    • Hah

      Jongeward is dirty. Did this kinda thing in his MTB days too. Look out PVP, he might run you over in his car next!

      • Michele


  • Michele

    A great wrap up of the weekend’s racing .. thanks CT!

    Some brilliant action captured in the embedded videos.

    However, there are just too many collisions between bikes and support / service vehicles, or these vehicles causing serious accidents [like Phinney’s]. What is going on?

    And who designs an ITT course to include an active Railroad crossing?

    I like to think I follow cycling pretty closely, and I’m up to speed with the sport’s happenings. But I forgot that Ivan Santaromita even existed until I read this story.

    Albasini aside, has OGE ever got any good results from a non-English speaking rider? Is that a major deficiency in their team management?

    • Kieran Degan

      Weening and Chaves have got a couple. But there does seem to be a lack. Interesting what Ivan said. Maybe the mentality is different, not necessarily a bad thing, as both Europeans and Aussies are successful in their styles, but a poor mix will always be tough for a rider.

    • jules

      looking at that video of Brammeier crashing, if he didn’t hit the car, I reckon he would have hit whatever was waiting behind the car ‘cos he wasn’t going to make that corner..

      • Michele

        @Mikael_L:disqus and Jules … I agree. re: Brammeier being at fault. Original post of mine poorly worded.
        But the amount or collisions does seem to be on the increase .. either that, or due to CT great coverage, we just hear about more of them.

        • Sean

          The extra crashes are probably caused by riders suffering from extra fatigue from not doping as much.

          • Whippet

            Most likely caused by the riders being doped on Tramadol.

    • Mikael_L

      Having a look at the footage below, I don’t think the car can be blamed in this instance.

      • Hes

        That moto could be though! Dumb place to stop!

        • Nick Clark

          I agree re. the moto – the second crash shouldn’t have happened…

      • jules

        if he didn’t hit that car they’d still be fishing him out of the treetops

    • Abdu

      Daniel T was just for the points he brought (and it looked like they got him on board as a ‘favour’ to the UCI in return for them getting their licence). He got plenty of opportunity and has probably come on as a result. Chaves has had plenty of support, but really because he has performed for them. If he wasn’t, I don’t reckon they’d know how to turn it around with him.

      There’s definitely something there, but it is what it is. Italian and Spanish teams (and DS’) often don’t suit some Aussie riders either. I don’t see it as a deficiency, because all things considered OGE has been very successful.

      OGE will soon see though, signing a Basque rider is something to test their cultural sensitivities.

      • 42x16ss

        Teklehaimanot had genuine interest from several teams – he’d already come 6th at l’Avenir, won multiple African Continental TT titles and had a stagiaire role at Cervelo that only ended because the team folded.

  • Abdu

    Some awkward Aussie podium pics for the CX there.

    Lisa Jacobs having to duck under the arm in the face from the other placegetter, and the scowling face of Chris Jongeward in the men’s. I agree that it seems pretty strange that he can clearly lash out like that and not be DQ’d.

    Feel a bit sorry for Ivan Santomarita, there is definitely a ‘culture’ at OGE that doesn’t seem to favour the quiet or more sensitive types. To be honest, I didn’t even know he was still on the team. With the Yates twins on board, he’s going to be pushed getting a GC role on their team. Good on him for leaving with good grace though, plenty have a slap on the way out.

  • Sean Doyle

    I’m ok with the hook on the corner from VDP, maybe not so much the push in the melee but the wheel grab is pure CJ. Win at all costs can get ugly.

    The crash at Utah was pretty brutal. Services cars for the most part were innocent bystanders.

    Not pretty watching…. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hRM3bFXlyNk

    I forgot about Santomarita as well. Hopefully he finds what he’s looking for next year.

    • Sean

      WOW thats nasty, he’s very lucky!

    • Andy B

      my god what was the outcome of this? The speed he hits the car is crazy
      A number of riders coming in to that corner way too fast, if It wasn’t the car it would probably have been the trees at that speed

      • Sean Doyle

        Fracture ribs and pelvis and internal injuries. Not sure on the other two that came behind him.

      • It almost looks as if his brakes were failing. He was going twice the speed of everyone else. No pro cyclist in his right mind would misjudge a corner like that.

        • Pete23

          Nasty crash, don’t think the brakes were an issue, not the front anyway, you definitely see the rear wheel lift off the ground before he hits the car. Regardless hope he heals up soon

        • jules

          his back brakes were certainly working, he was snaking all over the shop, if there was brake failure it would have been the fronts..

          • Sean Doyle

            Maybe carbon brake track struggling. Purely speculative so don’t jump on me. Hard to tell if he out braked himself or equipment not up to task. The moto should not have stopped there and it seems the caravan is becoming more hectic. I know road racing involves the skill of reading the course but maybe for corners like this where it’s obviously very steep into hairpin they can put double witches hats or a red flag 100m before the corner. A little thing that could save an incident like this.

            • jules

              as Wade said, if it was human error it was a big error. I think it’s reasonable to wonder if it was mechanical failure

              • Steel

                Pretty sure the camera guy knew there were going to be some big offs at that corner. Just the way he’s climbed the escarpment on the bend and kept the camera focused in one spot.

                • Dave

                  If you don’t do that you’ll never actually see anything happen, just the aftermath once you’ve heard the crash and swung round to look there.

                  It’s part of the problem of watching a race through a viewfinder instead of the Mark 1 Eyeball.

          • sps

            front brakes were working you can seem him do a front wheelie.

        • This is a different angle his brakes worked just came in too fast. https://www.facebook.com/brendan.sayer/posts/10206131255334000

          • Sean Doyle

            Looks like…….how did Stoner put it………his ambitions out weighed his talent. Completely trying too hard to catch up. Hopefully it makes him a better rider once he’s back. Long road now though.

    • Geez

      1. Of all the cars he hits the hybrid porshe!
      2. What was that moto thinking!? Stopping on the apex and ends up claiming 2 more riders. Stooopid.
      3. I think all the team and support cars should have red flags or battens on board. Accident ahead, get out and wave the flags to signal to other riders. That way you don’t have spectators trying to do that job.

      • Arfy

        Support cars/motorbikes with a flashing (yellow?) light would be a good idea, a bit like they do in car racing. It could be activated quickly and be seen a good distance away from the incident.

        • Dave

          Flag marshals at the corner entry and ~100 metres before the entry would do the job. KISS.

          Motorsport went there (and is still there at the moment in many competitions) before adding on the LED ‘flag boards’ and in-car displays used today, the UCI should also go there before upgrading to an electronic solution.

  • roklando

    Is it me or are the rates of serious injury to riders in races higher than ever? Watching that ToU video is horrible, rider going way too fast maybe, but what is clear is that not a single car or moto driver has a clue what to do in those situations. It’s embarrassing. The moto stops and stands there, causing another 2 riders to crash! Some races are so poorly organized.

    • Dave

      It’s because cycling is still an amateur sport.

      Professionalism is not about money, but about the elimination of mistakes.


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September 23, 2017
September 22, 2017
September 21, 2017
September 20, 2017
September 19, 2017