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  • Ben

    Come on the Griepel win, the Bronzini win and the Breschel injury all have unrelated photos. Is it that hard to get photos from the actual current race? This isn’t The Age.

    • Sean

      Unlike the age, some of the riders are correct.

    • Michele

      I’m pretty sure the Breschel photo IS related. It’s from the Eneco tour. The rider is wearing dossard 38, which according to the Start List is Matti’s number , and the rider is on the ground, I assume, because he’s crashed. And the pose the fallen rider takes is identical to the video footage above of Matt’s crash.

      The same video clearly shows the Greipel photo IS related.

      Can I assume that CT changed the photos in the 15 minutes between you writing your post and me coming on here? Or are you wrong?

      • Sean

        Yep they’ve been updated. Breschel’s photo was from pary roubay. The others were also wrong, dunno where they originated though. I don’t mind though, like most websites on the internet, I visit for the article content only.

    • Simon

      Agree – these photos are from previous races. Very strange. Surely we can do better!

    • My apologies guys. Seems that the Daily News Digest was a bit rushed this morning to get it out on time. Not up to our usual standards…

      • Ben

        But rectified well, so kudos for that.

      • _kw

        It seems that the part on Teunissen shows the result of the ENECO stage rather than the Tour de l’Ain.

  • Benny

    Lol that Soudal video is so euro

    • Winky

      Could be one of the lamest things I’ve ever seen

      • Andy B

        made me lol

        • Michele

          It is lame, but it did make me laugh.

          The music and the fast-motion recording had me half expecting Benny Hill to make an appearance. That would not had been a good thing.

      • Hamish Moffatt

        Haters gonna hate? I thought it was funny.

        • jules

          I was disappointed it wasn’t another interview with riders about their ambitions in upcoming race

        • winkybiker

          I never said it wasn’t funny.

  • heads up

    You’ve left a tag open and a fair portion of the digest is all-caps and bolt.

    • heads up

      I think you fixed it while I was commenting!

  • Andy B

    Sprinting with no hands, Greipel is my hero

  • pedr09

    The thighs on Bronzini…. ;-o They’re like Greipel’s!

    • Winky

      I know, right?

  • De Mac

    Yep, shallow of me I know, but I reckon the two Soudal ads were fairly cool and comedic.


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