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  • Andy B

    Nice work Rohan!! BMC are taking everything

    • Paulmapp

      Dennis pedaling in the tuck position on the final decent was making me ill. Please don’t hit those bars!! Had a pretty special and seemingly long year. Seems like a sensible idea to focus on TT’s at Worlds??

      • Andy B

        More Likely to take the win or at least a place too

  • Peter

    How are they getting those sparks in the Fuji SL video? Is someone using a grinder on the downtube? Carbon fibre sparks ha ha!

    • velocite

      Even for a launch video that one takes the bullshit prize.

  • Arfy

    How is it that an issue with a GT course is not recognised until the last minute?

    • Andy B

      My guess is the people that were aware didn’t see it as an issue?

      Seems crazy it came down to the riders to pick this up

      • Steel

        I think with the Giro TTT course on bike path, Giro stages on powdery chalk roads and long stages of the tour held on cobbles, the organisers probably thought that a sandy path would add some interest and add a test of riders handling skills.

        I guess the question is, how bad does the terrain have to be before it moves from a test of riding skill to one of good luck and crazy risk taking?

        From the looks of that tyre ploughing the sand in Froome’s photo, I reckon it’s going to throw up too many random results and take away the focus on riding skill and put it too much on dumb luck.

        While it seems obvious to us, you can also see how a race organiser might be keen to spice the race up.

        Also, is it really that different to a winding high speed alpine decent? That sort of course requires riders to take serious personal safety risks in order to beat competitors over a given course. I guess the difference is that the risks with a winding road a more predictable, where as sand is highly unpredictable.

        • Abdu

          Menchov crashing on the wet cobbles on the final ITT stage of the 2009 Giro while wearing Maglia Rosa was pretty awesome.

          What about Burt Lancaster’s win in the ITT at the 2005 Giro? That was only 300 metres long and most of that was over quicksand and cobbles.

          • Michele

            Was actually 1.1 kms . Actually Giro organizers tried to stretch it out to 1,150 meters :)
            But it was so quick it felt like 300 meters. Took Brett 80 seconds and averaged nearly 52 km/h.

            • Abdu

              You win.

    • Abdu

      Maybe (?) this is just an issue the event organisers were going to fix a few days earlier? It’s not the first time matting has been put over dangerous surfaces, cabling, etc. You wouldn’t lay this out a week before.

      Some massive whingers out there though.

      Do we want races to be held on Watt bikes in a climate controlled room?

      • Michele

        I was thinking [hoping] something similar.
        As suss as it appears to be – and it does seem very suss – I think we need to keep in mind that the “road” is still open to the public. Perhaps, once the it’s closed down for the Vuelta, such improvements will be made. [Hey, I’m an optimist!]
        Then again, this is country/region that introduced Peter Stetina to that metal pole on finishing straight at this year’s Vuelta al Pais Vasco, so who knows.

        • Dave

          Good to see the UCI telling the race organisers that it is unacceptable before the event this time instead of waiting until after it. Maybe they are not quite *completely* useless after all?

          • Michele

            Baby steps Dave, baby steps. ? ?

  • Dave

    Oh my goodness, is that the UCI actually doing something potentially useful regarding the organisation of a bike race before it happens instead of just sending out opportunistic press releases after it goes wrong?

    I think I need to pinch myself.


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