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  • Kieran Degan

    Wow! Nibali. That’s incredible. I feel as though he has no interest in stage hunting or working for the others. GC or nothing. I reckon he took that risk knowing he’d either get back in the peleton and finish on the same time, OR be disqualified. No way he would have been surprised by the penalty.

    Anyway, Chavez! Great ride. And should be in the position to hold the jersey for several days.

    • Arfy

      Both Nibali and Astana colluded on the cheating. Why do people so easily dismiss motors in bikes based on the same collusion? At least if he’d used a hidden motor it wouldn’t have been so obvious.

      • Roger That

        This is called ‘Doping by Volkswagen’? (I think they’re Astana’s team cars).

        • Arfy

          Next year’s model?

  • Arfy

    Rohan Dennis is going straight from the USA Pro Challenge to star in the Broadway musical “Where The Wild Things Are”? This calls for a CT special on “Most ridiculous podium headgear”.

    • Michele

      Still, it’s a slight improvement on the 2013 podium photo. At least one rider was smart enough to not be shot with the hat on his person. Another was smart enough to not be caught wearing his, whilst the third, by the looks of it, already realises the gravity of his mistake in putting it on.


      • Dave

        Morton deserved it with that moustache.

      • julierstratton

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        • Michele

          Hi Julie,
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  • Sps

    Nibali states “I didn’tdo any stage recon” (paraphrased). Guess no need to if you don’t plan on being there for more than 2 days.

    • jules

      “I figured my team car would help me through any difficult stages”

    • Michele

      Nibali is strange when it comes to doing recon rides.

      When he came second to Wiggins in the 2012 Tour de France he also admitted to not bothering to check out the crucial mountain stages beforehand.

  • Andy B

    Awesome riding by BMC at the USA Pro Challenge

  • Jessy Vee

    Europcar (Sicard) will be the envy of the peloton when they arrive at each stage with copious bakery treats in their feed zone musettes! Can I have a jam filled sugar doughnut? Yum!

    Congrats to Rohan Dennis. Smart riding from a very strong rider.

  • Rex

    Its great to see Rohan progressing so well since joining BMC. I hope Richie has a similar gain in form when he joins next year. The team is gonna be a force to be reckoned with TVG, Sanchez, van varvmaet, Jillbear, Richie and Rohan.

    • jules

      hasn’t Rohan won that race before? or something similar with Garmin.

      • Rex

        Nope, he went Ok in it and Cali before though.

      • mouse

        You’re thinking of Tour of Alberta last year.

  • Paolo

    Great win by Anna-Leeza Hull, as an U19 to win a senior NRS race, Respect. Ah yes, collusion , what a joke. Only reason the senior women could find how to beat a 17 year old.

    • AMK

      Have to wonder why she wasn’t riding in her team kit?!

      • jules

        I think team size limits mean some team members have to ride as individuals.

        • Paolo

          The race wasn’t in her program originally, but put in for worlds preparation. The team couldn’t add her to the startlist anymore so she started as an individual. Would the team have been allowed to include her she would have won without issues.

    • mv1in20

      Any idea what she actually did to get the penalty? It’s very common in women’s NRS for riders from the bigger squads to enter races as individuals. It makes no sense to allow her to start the race and then give her a penalty at the conclusion of the race. It’s not like High Five haven’t had extra individual riders in NRS events before iirc…

      • jules

        it’s more likely to have been something her teammates did, than herself

  • Nic Lowe

    Am I the only one who felt extremely uncomfortable watching the Women on the US Pro Challenge podium flanked by promotional girls ? Looked weird.

    • Michele

      Very strange ..
      Looks like the two are about to head off to the gym. Surely it’s time to move on from such meaningless rituals.

      • Whippet

        I agree. Podium boys are not an improvement. Times have changed; time to change the podium ceremonies.


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