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November 18, 2017
November 17, 2017
November 16, 2017
  • Whippet

    During the Tour de France there was a bit of discussion here about Sagan. I opined that Sagan’s win wouldn’t come in a straight sprint with him fighting to get into other teams’ lead out groups. He proved me wrong. A few of you disagreed with me at the time. You were right.

    For all the discussion about Sagan possibly being even more successful, it’s worth a 2015 recap of his achievements:
    9 GT podiums
    1 Vuelta stage
    TdF green jersey
    Slovakia RR & TT national champion
    Tour de Suisse green jersey
    Tour of California general classification
    Tirreno-Adriatico green jersey + stage win
    Tour of Qatar white jersey

    • Michele

      His Tour of Cali GC win is still one of my season highlights.
      You probably missed an important point on your list:
      He has done this whilst maintaining a personality. Sure, some of his antics are questionable, and I don’t agree with all his showmanship tactics.
      But I much prefer him to be like he is and express his personality.

      • Kieran Degan

        Hi chase of Alaphillipe??? to keep the jersey was the stuff of legends. Reminded me of Cadel in 2011.

    • jules

      for the money he is reportedly on, there’s not enough wins. he is an impressive rider, but a lot of those palmares there are consistency-based, not actually crossing the line first.

      • Riis

        hes arguably earning more of his budget share than Contador this year.

        • jules

          Bertie won the Giro.. trumps all of those wins by Sagan.

      • Andy B

        Compared to other sports surely he’s good value for the amount of press and TV air time he gets
        Better value this year than a number of other riders too- Cancellera & Nibali as examples

        • jules

          Nibali – for sure. Cancellara gets a free pass from me for bad luck!

          • Muggles

            hey, Nibali is getting a lot of air time… ;P

      • Michele

        The key word there is “reportedly’.

        The figure being bandied around last year for Sagan’s salary at Tinoff was 4 million Euros. Everyone was using that benchmark because it was reported that Alonso’s team was going to pay Sagan 3.3 million a year. [Which was never going to happen even if the team got up].

        I have not seen any evidence at all to suggest Sagan is on 4 million a year. How much was he on at Cannondale?

        Here’s one of the many articles that came out at the same time. Most were written along the lines of this, and effectively turned rumor into fact:


        On top of that, no one knows what Oleg’s Annual budget is. But most insiders are now suggesting its below the 30 million Euro mark [around the 26-27 mark]. I was reading about this a couple of weeks ago, when it was revealed SKY’s budget for last year was 38 million.

        Initially it was thought Oleg’s budget would be similar to SKY’s. And most thought SKY was around the 35-40 million mark last year. Hence those trying to determine what Sagan’s salary is were using team budget estimates that could be as much as 33% higher than reality.

        Short answer: I don’t think anyone really knows. He might even be on more than 4 million.

        The question worth asking is: based on Sagan’s results this year, what do we think he is worth? 1 million, 2 million, 3??

        • jules

          I’m out of step with rider salaries, but I’ve seen enough to know that a lot of riders seem to go on holiday after signing a big contract. Sagan seems like a reasonably well balanced, likable fellow. Then there are guys like Armstrong and even Cadel who would probably be climbing mountains in the off-season even if they were on $20k a year.

          Based on this season’s results, I think Sagan is a 2nd tier rider. He needs to have won a monument or something to be up there with the Cancellaras (in past years at least) of the peloton.

          • Michele

            Yeah I agree … he is just one big win away from moving into the top-tier. And that’s provided he keeps his balance once he achieves that win. Which I think he will.

            That all said, I still think we’re seeing a transformation in his riding … ever since the Tour of Cali he does seem to be morphing into a different rider. I don’t think his attributes or race objectives have necessarily changed. Maybe it’s maturity. Maybe it’s realising he can dig deeper than he thought he ever could. He certainly learnt that in California, he’s gain more confidence.

            I wondering if that’ll be the catalyst to see him move up a tier.

            I reckon he’s a chance at the RR WC.

            • Sean Doyle

              We have to remember he’s what…23…24…..still very young really and has another 10 years of top level in front of him. Give him time.

              • Michele

                I was going to suggest that too. He’s 25 now, will turn 26 in Jan.
                Some perspective:
                Cancellera was 25 when he won his first P-R, Boonen was 24.
                So it’s now time for Satan to start raking up in some monument wins.

                • jules

                  freudian slip?

                  • Michele

                    Do you know how many times I’ve had to auto-correct Satan back to Sagan? Thank you Windows 10. I knew one would slip through :)

          • MK

            He may not have won a ‘Monument’ but he sure as hell not a 2nd tier rider. He is very much in the 1st tier. He is the most consistent rider in today;s bunch. Provided he keeps doing what he is doing, he will win a big one one day soon. And one suspects once he does it will be a flood.

            • jules

              you may be right and I have little doubt he has the ability, but as yet in my eyes he’s 2nd tier and he’s yet to convert consistency into major victories. he burst on the scene with some big sprint wins, but has grown to be a more versatile rider – he doesn’t really have a pure sprinter’s kick, but he’s close, and he can do a lot more than a pure sprinter. the problem is – he hasn’t found his specialty yet, unless you count green jerseys. I suspect it will be monument wins if anything and he may well get there, but not yet..

              • Michele

                Yeah I agree with that assessment Jules.
                I’m a hard marker. There are not that many top tier riders in my eyes – present and past. I’m happy to call Sagan a 2nd tier rider, but I should probably also explain he doesn’t have many peers in this category. Perhaps one or two.

                I’m also confident he’ll get a monument win. I wouldn’t be surprised to see, that once he’s got his first one, the 2nd, 3rd and even 4th one will follow quickly.

            • Michele

              Personally, he doesn’t sit on the same tier as say Sean Kelly, Bettini, Boonen, Cancellara, Freire (yet).
              Sure, he’s consistent. But regardless of how many Green Jerseys he wins, how many week-long stage races he grabs, unless he wins a Monument or 2, a RR WC, then I don’t think history will rank him alongside the riders mentioned above.
              That’s why I call him a 2nd tier rider … He’s just not top shelf. Not yet. I think by career’s end he will be.

      • Sean Doyle

        I would argue that I have seen more of Sagan this year than any other rider. Yes he is contracted to win races but his secondary objective is for exposure for his Sponsors. I would say he’s doing a very good job of that so far.

        • jules

          fair point Sean, but I would counter that by saying that type of exposure dries up, whereas winning a GT means you will be discussed ad nauseum by cycling media for a long time after the event.

          I think Sagan is valuable for his sponsors – it depends on what he’s really being paid as Michele mentioned, and I don’t know the amount.

          • Sean Doyle

            Oh yeah. No doubt that it will grow to be a normal thing that doesn’t get noticed as much and almost dismissed.

            Regardless of what he is getting paid, he is there to do a job. I think the amount when you are talking the Elite of World Tour riders is irrelevant as it’s always good money (as opposed to stupid money that other high profile sports get) and it really comes down to how good he and his manager are at pitching his price. Where his real value is, instead of being at the pointy end occasionally for an average WT rider and if lucky getting a podium, he is usually always there abouts in just about every race that isn’t stupid high mountains.

            While I am not a fervent fan I do cheer for him and am confident he will prove his worth by the end of his career.

            • Dave

              Keep in mind that he’s still only 25 and has much learning to do when it comes to his racing skills – especially since he has so much raw power that he has less incentive to work on those skills. The development of those skills will be what will make the difference for him.

              In my opinion the best thing he could do now is to negotiate an early release from Tinkov (who is rumoured to not be a Sagan fan) and sign with Etixx-QuickStep for next year while they are still holding out for a better deal than renewing with Cavendish.

    • Tim Ashton

      He also won a couple of stages in Tour of California

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  • brett

    Love your work as always – would love to get an update re Jack Haig in your updates regarding the big U23 race going on at the moment… Considering he does his diary etc for this site.. Just a suggestion I know it’s a bit biased to report on an Aussies result, but a quick mention of where he sits overall wouldn’t hurt.

    • I’m hoping there’ll be plenty to talk about re: Jack when the race gets into the mountains over the next few days! He’s currently 38th, 1:53 down on the leader.

      • Bex

        Thanks for the update Matt.

      • brett

        Thanks Matt much appreciated.

  • Derek Maher

    Loved the wiggle vid on the teams race.The ladies always seem a cheerful bunch before a race start.
    The Aussie Ladies are doing great in France and for most of the team its their first season in Europe.
    Peter Sagan is improving all the time looking forward to his 2016 season.


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November 18, 2017
November 17, 2017
November 16, 2017