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  • Alex

    Wow.. that video from the Irish Times sure pissed me off

    • jules

      never ceases to amaze me how much aggression female cyclists face – even just my wife. as a tall bloke, I face virtually nil, bar that from drivers escaping at high speed. I wonder what the explanation is?

      • Kieran Degan

        Those type of people believe women to be an easy target. Disgusting.

        • aliciacoden

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      • Nathan

        Not just women. My teenage son often gets abused, followed or otherwise intimidated when out training by himself. Scary thing is he is 14 but looks much younger on the bike as he is quite small. It seems there are a lot of people out there who love making themselves feel tough by picking on those they deem to be weaker. Tossers

      • dsd74

        Sometimes I long for the days when cyclists rode around with their heavy-duty Zefal frame pumps… I had a teammate who on several occasions used it effectively to ward off aggressive drivers worried about that pump breaking a windshield or scratching paint.

        • I still ride with a Zafal. Not that it would help much in Baltimore. :)

    • Sean

      He was probably on ICE or something, it was completely uncalled for.

  • Dave

    Got to love a botched finish line celebration, and actually throwing away the win (instead of doing a Simon Clarke and celebrating second place when the winner is already home) makes it even better!

    Hopefully she will have learned a valuable lesson about professionalism, which is nothing to do with money and everything to do with the elimination of preventable errors.


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