• Tour de force Todd

    missing something ?

    • Is there something wrong that I’m not seeing?

      • Hamish Moffatt

        It took me a while to work out this was a slide show and there are buttons to move through. It looked like just a static picture of a blue shoe.

    • Trevor Shoe

      Yes. Your technical ability.

  • Bill

    Yes, it always good to check your blog to see if there is any actual content being posted, or if the links work. But I love the blog!

    • Trevor Shoe

      Well, it does work, so, thanks for the pointless comment…

  • Ross

    I worry that vents on the Etto helmet are too big and could potentially let rocks/other debris (and possibly Magpies!) through therefore not protecting the rider’s head.

    • Trevor Shoe

      Really? No, REALLY?! You were seriously THAT desperate to post that you had to write that tripe? Most pointless “worry” ever.

  • Paul Jakma

    Thick mesh deep down in the vents. All the aero disadvantages of vents, and all the heat dissipation disadvantages of an aero helmet. Yay.

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