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  • jules

    I’m a bit old fashioned with these things. If you’re being paid by an employer, you should follow their direction – within reason. just because you’re leaving doesn’t mean a prospective new employer isn’t observing and thinking “what am I in for if I employ this person?”

    • Peter

      Yeah, he didn’t follow orders under Madiot, can I expect him to follow orders under me?

    • Mark Blackwell

      hence the public shaming… Madiot is making sure that prospective new employers will ask this question.

      • jules

        having said all that, I do wonder about the accuracy of Madiot’s claim that Boucher was needed to protect Demare. or whether Madiot was just trying to ‘bench’ him.

        • Chanandler Bong

          How professional was it of Madiot to say ” “If the season is over? I’ll decide when I feel like it”. Suddenly potential employers are like, I can see why you’d have a problem following orders from such a DS.

    • brucegray

      I think the explanation is in Boucher’s 35 years. He may realize (accurately) that he is unlikely to get on a strong team ever again.

  • Childish games.

  • antoine

    Sounds familiar in France… don’t try to do well, just respect the process

    • Rodrigo Diaz

      Tough spot to be in, since he’s out of contract for 2016…Demare was second… if Boucher was leading him out could he have had a better chance? Even with the best intentions, my employer wouldn’t like it if I went rogue against direct instructions. How about yours? (ignore if self employed, but we all have someone we respond too).

  • Derek Maher

    I guess Boucher got his TV time,Marc Madiot made sure that was negated, The old school do not like to be challanged and you pay the price.

    • Simon Patchett

      Whilst getting TV time, it also means your team don’t have to chase the break… Bit more of a free run there?


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