First-look review: GoodSport sports cream

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GoodSport takes advantage of the natural medicinal properties of manuka oil to produce a simple anti-chafing cream.

GoodSport is a family enterprise that began with a dairy farm. Located on the outskirts of Katikati on the North Island of New Zealand, the farm was acquired in 1950 by Tony Lett’s grandparents. The dairy was a success and Tony’s parents continued farming the land from 1970, but a growing interest in floriculture soon blossomed into the family’s key enterprise.

Today, Tony and his siblings operate the floriculture business and recently invested in a species that his grandparents had once worked so hard to get rid of from the farm: manuka.

Manuka is a tea tree that is generally regarded as a weed in New Zealand (and other countries as well) because of its ability to quickly overrun other forest species. However, manuka oil has a variety of medicinal properties, resembling tea tree oil but with greater potency. According to GoodSport, they are the first business in the world to establish a manuka plantation for oil production.

Goodsport uses a combination of manuka oil, beeswax and lanolin for their sports cream. It is designed to protect chafe-prone areas while acting as an antiseptic and promoting skin repair. GoodSport sports cream is available via their online store in one size only (100g).

For more information, visit GoodSport.

RRP: $26.90 with free worldwide delivery.

Our Take:

GoodSport’s cream arrived just before I started having some trouble with chafing. The cause was a misaligned pedal cleat, but before I was able to diagnose the problem, I had to contend with an irritated groin. GoodSport’s cream was very effective, reducing the severity of skin damage so I could continue riding in comfort.

The cream is thicker than other chamois cream formulations, such as DZ Nuts, so a little more effort was required to spread it over the affected area. Otherwise, the cream has a very mild fragrance and persisted on the skin for at least a few hours.

Some riders might prefer a formulation with menthol but I appreciated its absence, making for a simple, effective cream that otherwise goes unnoticed.

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