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  • Grilled Human

    How Ironic. I just forcefully ripped the skin off an innocent beings back and turned them into gloves to participate in my FREEDOM sport – But that’s OK, I am a Kind Human because I pray to god, give to charity and talk about saving the orphans in Syria. Isn’t it kinda eeeky to have the flesh/skin of a slain being draped around your hands wiping snot and sweat off your face?

    On a performance note – They will not breath anywhere near as a synthetic type, they are a pain to maintain and keep clean. If you are looking for gloves and you want that hard wearing palm material, look for ones that have the Clarino brand. It wear so much better and you can chuck them in the wash without the whole rigmarole of keeping the material soft – they also breath like a glove should – osmosis doesn’t work when you are dead.

    Be Kind, be thoughtless. And may we all keep destroying the planet together.

    • Mark ADAM Abramowicz

      Hi Grilled-

      I’d like to introduce myself, I’m the Adam from the article above. Being a fan of sarcasm myself, I want you to know that I enjoyed the jest inherent in your response as much as I wanted to address a couple things you brought up because they are valid concerns. First, on the maintenance of the piece, how it’s a pain and how they do not breath as well as the synthetic type. You’re absolutely right and we make no illusion that our gloves are easy to maintain or that they will breath as well as synthetic mesh or even synthetic leather to some degree. That said, the rider’s who’ve liked our mitts like that they look good and have subtle branding, that they feel good and offer a comfortable and secure bar feel.

      I’d also like to touch on the issue you take with using leather and how you feel that we are destroying the planet. This breaks my heart a bit and it makes me reconsider a lot of how I approach this business. This isn’t some get rich quick scheme for Gavin and I, we put our hearts and souls into doing what we feel is right for riders by offering them great performance pieces and making it easier for riders to access them. In the case of our gloves, we retail them for $45.00 USD, compared to the Rapha glove of similar design, materials and quality – you’re looking at $195.00 USD. Without this sounding too much like a sales pitch I want to promise you that your comments will be taken into consideration.

      Saying I am an animal lover may be the biggest understatement ever typed into a comment form, and if anyone has been to our Instagram you’ve probably seen far too many photos of me with my Rhodesian Ridgeback, Hutchinson (the most famous dog on the cycling interwebs). Or loving on goats and pigs at our ‘Cross Camp last year with Vegan, professional racer Adam Myerson. I’ve always told my wife if this bicycle business doesn’t work out I’m starting a farm!

      That being said, if we were to rethink our approach to leather gloves we may have to rethink our approach to bicycles as well. Carbon fiber production is not the cleanest, most eco friendly process in the world today. I can say that we are happy to work with a great, small factory that works in a pristine operating environment, with a talented staff that refuse to take any short cuts when it comes to product or when it comes to their environmental impact. Though, if we wanted to eliminate our carbon footprint all together, we would all have to stop riding carbon fiber bikes. Probably steel as well, because the mass production methods for steel extrusion can also be filthy. We’ll also have to rethink anodized bike products, like the resurgence we’ve seen in the mountain bike industry and even high-end road with Shimano’s ano-blue everywhere at EuroBike because the anodizing process produces some very harmful byproducts that are fine when treated and disposed of properly but the treatment is extremely expensive. We have to think if that factory who is putting out cheap anodized bike parts online for pennies on the dollar cares so much about who ends up drinking their aluminum hydroxide sludge (that’s a real thing). This is definitely something to think about the next time we purchase a $3.95 headset cap on eBay. So that rules out anodized parts as well.

      Our gloves are produced by a small, family run business that owns both the farm and fabrication. They aren’t a major, manufacturer, but a family run business. We like working with smaller companies because we’re small too and it allows us to grow together, and manage expectations, improving along the way.

      Gavin and I started this business and we took a hard look at how we intend to produce, promote and profit within this industry and to always do it with a keen focus on what is right for riders and cycling in general. We’re not perfect and we recognize that our vision for the future of cycling may not be everyone else’s but unlike other companies we honestly listen to your feedback.

      So, since I woke up and saw your message this morning, I’ve managed to talk to our farmer/fabricator, a textile mill nearby and together we’ve sourced a few options for synthetic leather to test. We made a promise to do what’s right, my promise to you is that our next order of gloves will not use a trace of natural leather.

      Thank you for your feedback, Grilled.

      Be Kind, be thought-provoking. And may we try to change the planet, for good, together.

      • Gavin Brauer

        As another member of the KindHuman team I would like to echo my partner’s comments regarding the importance of the issues discussed above. The ethical question surrounding leather in our products is a valid point and a debate we encourage and will not shy away from. So to is the lack of transparency that exists in supply chain visibility (or lack their of) for businesses and people across our planet. We are however fortunate to be living in a time when the tools and resources to tackle these problems are becoming more and more accessible to companies of all sizes. Tools such the ones being developed by SourceMap (www.sourcemap.com) are quickly coming online. When combined with in-person visits and mobile technologies these tools will enable companies and people to better understand where products come from, how they are made and create a level of accountability that has never existed before.

        We are already putting into place means to deliver transparent sourcing data because we believe that is something our industry needs and our customers deserve. These are challenges that all of us here at KindHuman Bicycles take seriously and will continue to improve upon.

        • Mike

          Let’s keep a sense of perspective here. There is no natural law that says killing, eating, skinning and utilising animals is inherently a wrong thing. That uniquely human belief is a recent development, arisen only because science and agriculture have made food production easy and cheap. For most of the last 3 or 4 million years man has taken advantage of every resource open to her, including animals. After all, many of them were, and still are, quick to take advantage of us.
          If you want to be picky about the rights of other creatures you should probably cease breathing, every inhalation kills millions of bacteria and spores. And antibiotics, we should bin those as every application murders a billion microbes. And each time we turn over the soil we expose god-knows-how-many organisms to the deadly rays of the sun. Perhaps we should just give up and die?
          I know where I came from. It was a hard, cruel existence and I am lucky to have escaped the worst bits. But pretending we are not of the animal world is pointless, it is deep in our genes. I wouldn’t kill for fun, or for sport, although that’s just my take on the situation. But for food and for clothes and for shelter I want the best available and if a by-product of the slaughterhouse fits the bill, I’ll buy the gloves.

          • Grilled Human

            When was the last time a cow, chicken or pig attacked you? Feel free to act in self defense if they did. Only cowards torment the innocent. Are you a neanderthal using the internet? Enjoy your fruitful life and die at 30 with your highly evolved diet and gathering skills. It’s time to evolve and use that brain.

            “Auschwitz begins wherever someone looks at a slaughterhouse and thinks: they’re only animals.”

      • Grilled Human

        Adam, Gavin
        You guys seem like thinkers and decent guys. We have so called “intelligence” to make the correct choices to minimize our impact -but we can’t even tell right from wrong. Animals don’t belong to humans, just the same as white man never owned the blacks. Evil cannot last forever, you have the choice to be on the right side of history.
        Take some time and watch the inspirational film by Joaquin Phoenix. http://earthlings.com/

        Peace begins at the dinner table.

        • Mark ADAM Abramowicz


          Thanks again for your comments. After my response, I opened the question up to our customers on both my personal and our company Facebook page and it stirred a very interesting conversation. It’s a polarizing topic for sure and there is a lot of gray area when we are faced with these challenges. It’s certainly not an easy question to answer and we don’t have the perfect solution but we think we’ve come up with the right one, for right now. My partner in this, Gavin, likes to say – we are KindHuman, not PerfectHuman. We understand when we call ourselves KindHuman that we are held to a higher standard. We should be. I believe and we believe that the cycling industry needs and deserves to be held to a higher standard. That said, we are not perfect but we have made a commitment to always Do What’s Right For Riders. I hope our efforts to move away from natural leather in favor of a vegan approach is one that you and riders everywhere, of all kinds, can appreciate.

          Regarding your film suggestion, I will certainly check it out. On a more personal side-note, I’m no stranger to puppy mills and the big box pet sale narrative. I’ve personally been involved with animal rescue since I was a kid. My mother was the director of a national rescue foundation and we seemingly always had a foster in the home. Members of the foundation would accept jobs, under cover, at puppy mills. They would quite literally go home with as many dogs as they could fit in their cars to bring them home, care for them, re-socialize them and foster them until they found a good forever home. Pretty amazing people if you ask me.

          I digress. Thank you again for challenging us, Grilled. In order for us to improve as a business, as riders and as KindHumans – we need to be challenged.

          Your friend in bike,


      • Vicky Chang

        Aw, Jeeze. You write of wonderful design yet the fingerless gloves you sell are the same old design seen for decades in driving and weight-lifting gloves- a design with bigtime shortcomings for the outdoors. No sun protection whatsoever – do you like age spots on the back of your hands? Great – Kind Human puts a nice hole on that back of the glove for that. Come on, guys – spend as much time on your designs as you did with the green-seeking name of your company.

        • Mark ADAM Abramowicz

          Hi Vicky-

          Thank you for your commentary. Let’s first address the issue you take with the gloves design. You kind of hit the nail on the head : our gloves are our take on a timeless classic. There is one other company doing it these days and their products are incredible but their price points are inaccessible for most riders. Do you take issue with the glove being modeled after a timeless design or that the price point is a quarter of what the competition offers theirs at?

          As for your comment regarding sun protection. Gloves only cover a small portion of a cyclist’s body – approximately 5% of the human body. While the remainder of their body, like their arms, thighs, neck and face are left to brave the elements against the harsh sun. Coincidentally, Gavin and myself have both been effected with skin cancer in our lifetimes so your comment hits home. That said, we don’t advocate riders wearing arm warmers when the temperatures peak in the name of sun protection. Overheated is a huge problem for many cyclists. That’s why we advocate the proper use of sunscreen. The glove’s job is not to protect the cyclist’s body from the sun – it’s to protect their grip and feel on the bars and ideally palms during an unfortunate crash – which we hope our riders never have happen to them. I don’t think we are some outrider in the industry – I can’t think of any other company that produces gloves purely for sun protection. When we talk about sun protection, we must also look at the materials other companies use. Are they using SPF rated fabrics in their gloves? If not, the sun can still damage a rider’s skin through the fabric.

          Lastly, regarding your commentary that we are a “green-seeking” company it feels that you are somehow trying to say that our name is not authentic. Our mission is to produce products that are simple, beautiful, performance-oriented and functional at price points that are responsible and within the reach of the majority of riders. That’s part of what makes us KindHuman. We also use our proceeds to support youth cyclists through our Cycling Scholarship. We’ve flipped the script on sponsorship. Instead of supporting riders simply because they are fast and talented, we support riders who give back to their communities through cycling and who are doing amazing things with, for and because of the bike. We also interact with our customers and our critics, directly and openly because without this interaction we are just a nice name on a bike product. We are humans to and your concerns are our concerns. We hope that this shows the culture is kinder at our company.

          Our gloves are just a small part of our business but strangely they seem to be the most controversial. We have a lot to live up to not only as a new player who is up against the mega brands in the industry, but also because we’re a different kind of bike company who operates differently than what riders have come to expect as the status quo. We’re held to a higher standard because we openly say, our goal is to do what’s right for riders. We understand that. It’s a challenge but one we accept happily.

          Thank you again for your response. Best of luck, happy trails and tarmac to you!

          Your friend in bike,


  • Tomer

    Grilled Humen, loved your comment.

  • Larry Miller

    After Adams response I AM buying these gloves. Thanks

    • susanrwilinson

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  • Benjamin Q

    GREAT gloves – own a pair, and they fit / feel **amazing** to wear. Easily the most comfortable set of cycling gloves I own, and would recommend them to just about anybody. Anybody, that is, save for vegan cycling review trolls

  • Hootsmon

    I’m getting a pair of leather ones. You can stick your synthetic. When I get
    off the bike they’ll look the business in my Jag.


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