First-look review: KindHuman leather gloves

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KindHuman is a Canadian-based company established by Adam Abramowicz and Gavin Brauer. Based on a rider-direct sales model, the company offers complete bikes (road, CX, MTB, TT/Tri), framesets, men’s and women’s apparel and a variety of accessories via their online shop. All of KindHuman’s products are performance-oriented, which will appeal to racers, while pricing reflects the economy of the rider-direct sales model.

Shoppers will find KindHuman’s leather gloves amongst the accessories in their online shop. Designed to capitalise on the feel of soft leather, the gloves feature minimal padding and a simple Velcro closure on the back of the hand. Tabs are sewn over the middle and ring fingers to help with glove removal while lycra serves the webbing in between the fingers. The gloves are available in two colours (black or white) and three sizes (small, medium, large).

For more information, visit KindHuman.

RRP: US$40 (AU$52)

Our Take:

KindHuman has captured the simple, classic styling of a traditional racing glove with this offering. These gloves are very easy to wear, and while I would have appreciated some towelling for wiping the sweat off my face, it’s a feature that would ultimately detract from the glove’s traditional aesthetic.

Buyers need to be aware that leather gloves require a lot more care than typical fabrics. Handwashing is essential and the leather’s natural oils need to be replenished periodically, otherwise it turns into cardboard. However, the feel and fragrance of the natural material makes for a distinctive riding experience.


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