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September 22, 2017
September 21, 2017
September 20, 2017
September 19, 2017
  • Will

    Does POC sell those pineapple/other custom design helmets directly? I keep seeing them around but can’t find them anywhere on the net.

    • Spider

      They only sell them in Queensland :)

    • AndyVB

      This was a custom vinyl wrap created for one of Ultimate Job winners. It’s pretty tasty.

  • Constructive critique

    Serious, AUD$250 for a backpack?

    I appreciate that they have designed it well, and it appears to be of good material, but the markup to AUD$250 is just taking the pee. I’m getting sick of the pricing based on the impression that cyclists will pay heaps for schwag nowdays. Thule is a very large company with huge market, they’d be making an 60%+ margin on this bag.

    BTW, for a proper test I’d like to see someone hose it, you know test it. Is it waterproof like they say it is?

    Put something inside the padded area, drop the bag and see how it performed. Otherwise this info is the same as I can read on the website.

    It claims to be a commuter backpack, what gear/how much did you fit in it?

    • AndyVB

      Fair call. It’s a bit of a balance keeping the word count bite size.

      I can’t comment on pricing, but in regards to the testing – it did manage to safely transport both of our Ultimate Job winner’s gear safely around the French countryside (including more than an hour of torrential rain) for the week. The hose idea is fair, but the true test tends to come after a long period in the rain as opposed to just a splash in the backyard (I’d say the same with waterproof gloves, jackets etc. as well).

      In addition to the waterproof compartment that we spoke about in the review (which is the entire inside ‘bucket’) there is also a removable rain cover which was a little glossed over, but one of our winner’s Riley put it “It’s like a really good version of a tarp. Really good”. In addition to the extra rain protection, in bright blue this also increases visibility.

      The bag has a surprising amount of storage space – especially when you include the exterior webbing (they suggest using it for a helmet, but I would imagine you would use it a lot more for excess clothing at either end of your week).

      As mentioned, the price tag is really up to the individual – but this certainly is one nice piece of kit!

      • Ralph

        True that ultimately it’s a personal call re price tag but the job of a good reviewer is to answer the question: for the average likely purchaser of this product (i.e your audience), is it good value? Otherwise you’re just in a subjective dead end.

    • David Williams

      I have a Thule messenger/laptop bag which gets lugged around between home, work and clients every week. Not the cheapest, but it’s held up longer than other other typical brand name laptop bag I have owned (Targus, Belkin, etc).

      FWIW, my bag has some water resistance. I’m guessing it’s more of a fabric treatment than anything else. If you were to get caught in some light rain, the water just beads off. I wouldn’t be willing to test it with a hose though.

    • Chris Riordan

      In the interests of full disclosure I will say that I was one half of the Ultimate Job team…so I was given one of these bags (rather than paying $250 for it). But I will say that the bag was sensational. I lugged around a DSLR, GoPro and little tripod on the bike and it was great. The laptop insert was sensational as well, but I didn’t use that when I was riding (but going through customs it was a Godsend).
      As Andy said, it’s the rain cover that does the heavy lifting when it’s really raining.
      I travelled around France for a week after le Tour and carried my camera gear with me everywhere (DSLR and two lenses). The bag copped its fair share of drops, kicks, and stuffings into overhead compartments and the gear survived.
      In terms of commuting, I can fit a pair of shoes, jeans, t-shirt, jumper and lunch.
      In terms of cons, I now use it on my commute to work and I really wish it was more visible (the rain cover is really visible…but I’m not going to go to the effort of putting it on for every ride).
      Also, I have a Deuter backpack that I also use for commuting (and running), and this has an airgap built in so that there is a gap between your back and the bag. On one day of the Ultimate Job when I was an hour into a 1.5 hour climb and it was 42 degrees…I would have killed for a bit of airflow!
      I agree that $250 is fair whack of cash for a backpack, and in all honesty I don’t know if I would have paid that without having used it. But now that I have, I reckon I will get $250 worth of use out of it.

    • Ralph

      Stuff is starting to get pretty expensive again in oz hey, starting to feel like 2006 again…


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September 22, 2017
September 21, 2017
September 20, 2017
September 19, 2017