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  • Michele

    I like how Chris Froome managed to tweet what is a pretty rare photo of him. CT went with the more traditional ‘elbows-out, staring at the stem’ shot in the banner.


    • velocite

      I tried that elbows out style a while ago, just as a joke. But it felt
      quite different, seemed to open up the chest. The joke may be on
      everyone else.

      • Michele

        I don’t doubt it.
        Froome just uses a different method to his namesake Horner. Extra wide bars also open the chest.
        Chris needs to tell the other Chris that he can continue to win GTs until his 40; provided he indulges in some Maccas every now and then.

        • Dave

          Spanish Maccas with locally sourced beef, of course.

  • Nic Lowe

    Wow, Wiggo getting hammered in this article. Hope Froome can recover enough to win in Spain, I’d make Quintana favourite though.


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