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  • awesometown

    ¯_(?)_/¯ Sure I suppose this is good for all sides. Less of a GC support and resources suck for C’dale…. Trek gets a name freds can recognize and someone who can occasionally place in the top 10 of grand tours.

  • Rodrigo Diaz

    Full circle – just needs Bruyneel!

    • aliciacoden

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  • Dave

    Damn, I was kind of hoping he would test positive some time early next year and bring down Vaughters. There’s no way a team with 100% private sector funding (as opposed to semi-national teams like Astana or OGE) could survive being taken out of a GT or a chunk of the Spring Classics by a UCI suspension.

    • simon

      What makes you believe that OGE is partly government funded?

      • Dave

        They are partially funded by Cycling Australia, which is subsidised by the Federal Government. As money is fungible, you cannot make the argument that the Federal funds are only used for activities other than funding OGE.

        The relevant Federal minister is aware of my objection to this arrangement and my proposal that the subsidies to CA be reduced by at least the amount which CA give to private racing teams, or Federal funding for private sporting teams be brought in house and subject to open tender.


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