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  • Bex

    Thanks for writing Jack, always good to get an update on the young aussies. I see your rides on strava but never quite can tell from that how the races have gone. Those results seem excellent to me, being consistently up there on every race can’t be easy. Thanks CT for publishing updates like these.

    • Jack Haig

      Hey Ben, Thanks for commenting and reading the post. I am always amazed at how many people follow me and strava and use it as a way to see what I have been doing, I think its pretty cool. Being consistent is always one of my goals and i am hoping that the years of being consistently at an U23 level well lead to a really good base and the ability to perform at the pro level next year.

      Cheers Jack

  • JasonS

    Hey Jack Good to read what it is like for a young guy (esp from my home town) is experiencing on the road to becoming a pro cyclist. Keep up the good work and keep posting to Instagram too. Best Wishes


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