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  • You can only admire what Kristy has done for cycling, women’s cycling and the cycling industry. I wish her the very best. SM

  • ML

    Best to Scrimgeour and great to hear Beth Duryea and Ronny Lauke may lead the team under new sponsorship — have remembered those names since Evelyn Stevens credited BD with a big part of her performance in a couple key TTs.

  • Allez Rouleur

    “It’s always been my goal to grow the sport of women’s cycling, which I think is happening,” she said.

    This has become a “buzzy” way of speaking, but it’s grammatically incorrect. You can grow a carrot. You can grow a turnip. You absolutely cannot grow a sport. You can make it more popular. You can increase viewership. You can expand participation. But, you can’t grow a sport.

    I look forward to the day when this way of speaking is returned to the dustbin of MBA buzz-speak.

    • Mike

      Are you sure? One day I planted a cassette in the garden and a few days later a handlebar could be seen, peeping through the soil and struggling to reach the sunlight. And later that week a front tyre, I think it was a Schwalbe but it might have been a Michelin, broke through and the birds started to perch on it. Come Friday morning, after a light overnight shower, a whole bike was clearly visible, leaning on the adjacent apple tree, and I rode it to school.
      I swear all of this is completely true although, fuelled by copious quantities of drugs, I may have stolen the bike and buried the evidence.

  • Carmen Ludeman

    Yes, it is great to hear Beth Duryea and Ronny Lauke may lead the team under new sponsorship. In her role as Sports Director, Beth Duryea has proven to be a highly skilled and respected communicator. She is also a respected Physiotherapist and sports woman in her own right. All in good hands!

  • Johny

    I believe someone who already has some teams will take over this team as well


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