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September 21, 2017
September 20, 2017
September 19, 2017
September 18, 2017
  • Wilsi

    small typo : Dan Martin does not ride for Etixx Quickstep but for Cannondale Garmin

  • Derek Maher

    Good report Shane.
    The win by Lindeman was a great reward for his constant efforts over the last 3 days.
    I did enjoy Aru’s attack and he certainly gave it the gun on the climb to gain time.
    Landa does not seem to be trying so hard compared to the Giro.Could be his rumoured Team move in 2016 has unsettled him ?.
    Orica can keep celebrating with Chaves holding the red jersey.
    Ilia Koshevoy sure proved a tough young rider with his many brave attacks on the final climb.

    • susanrwilinson

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      • jules

        has anyone ever signed up to your spammy scheme? hard to believe

        • Michele

          Has anyone bothered to ever do the maths on these boasts?

          She [going by the avatar] was earning $19,952 per month [close enough to $240K per year]. Now she works a 5 hour day, 5 days a week for $127,400 p.a., or $10,617 a month – assuming it’s a 5 hour day. A four hour day equals $101,920 p.a. or $8,493 per month.

          If the sole objective is to “get rich”, then I’d stick with the $20K per month option. If it’s life balance, then maybe the part time work is the way to go.

          Not sure what the job entails, but judging from these posts neither strong skills in English, nor obviously Maths, is required.

          • Sean

            Common sense isn’t a requirement either.

    • Jessy Vee

      Sean Kelly is always having a moan. I’m excited that SBS is showing the last 8 stages so I can switch over from Eurosport and listen to someone knew. ;)

      • Mrs Kelly (IRE)

        Sean Kelly is the man, show some respect.

  • D. Schrute

    Chaves says the team was with him the whole stage by with 16km to go he is all alone? Perhaps by team he meant Team Colombia led by Quintana from Movistar, going by the OGE back stage pass they are on good terms, and may want him to stay in Red, at least for now. At any rate, is he at all likely to still be a contender in the final week?

    • Jessy Vee

      If you watch the video posted above, you will see that Chaves had Cameron Meyer with him until around 6km to go when Astana jumped on the front and heavily reduced the group before Aru attacked. Meyer finished in a large group with riders like Geraint Thomas… Hardly a slouch. The team is looking out for Chaves and riding strong.

      • Dwight

        Yep, was a bit premature hitting the post button, my bad. I think Chaves is going to take some shifting from the lead, and if he does do a top5-10 finish here, it’ll give the Yates brothers something to think about!

  • Michele

    Nice recap Shane. Enjoyed watching the stage.
    Funny [and this says more about me than him], but I find Froome more endearing when I see him suffer and get dropped like he did overnight.
    Goes without saying, the guy is talented; but I find him just too robotic in his manner to be inspired by him. So in some perverse way, I like the guy more when he struggles.
    I’m surprised Chaves held onto the jersey last night. Great effort. Think OGE should focus on getting as high as placing in the GC as possible. This will take any pressure – perceived or otherwise – off of Caleb. He’s more likely to then snag another stage win.

    • Jessy Vee

      Maybe it’s because Sky is pretty robotic, and guys like Froome excel because they ride, train and live in a very formulaic way. perhaps, seeing him struggle reminds you that he’s human? I initially didn’t take to him because I was reading the wrong opinion pieces after the ’12 TdF where he rode away from Wiggins, but I recently watched a documentary on Froome that was made just after his ’13 TdF victory. Some of it brought me to tears, especially when it went into his background and how he started in the sport. I’ve got a lot more respect for the guy now. He’s not just another Sky robot.

      Re: Caleb. I heard somewhere that Caleb isn’t planning on staying for the entire three weeks. I’m not sure that the expecting him to finish near the front again, just to learn as much as he can while he’s in the race. :)

      • Warwick

        Was that this doco?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4eg9c_9A-wE
        Great piece, like you I wasn’t a huge fan before watching it, but afterwards I had a lot more respect for Froome. Its also nice to see some of his personality rather than just more images of him looking at his stem :)

        • Jessy Vee

          YES! That’s the one.I couldn’t remember where I watched it, but now I remember it was the fruits of the late night youtube clickathon. ha! Thanks for finding it again. I was so sad during the part about his mum passing away.

      • Michele

        If he’s still in it, I think Caleb could feature in Mondays stage (10), and maybe stage 12: They rode the identical stage in 2010 when Cav won.

        Be interesting to see what impact 12 days of a Grand Tour will have in Caleb.

        • Jessy Vee

          Yes, I’m interested to see how far he does go. He’s such a great talent, but he’s still so young and I don’t think he has anything to prove by riding the entire race.


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September 21, 2017
September 20, 2017
September 19, 2017
September 18, 2017