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  • Derek Maher

    Great race report,Seems Lizzie was on top form taking the win congrats to her.
    Poor Emma seems she wrecked herself.The ladies sure made a race of it.Well done all.

    • lindardaan

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  • Ant

    What a race! That was awesome – never mind best women’s race of the year, that was one of the most exciting last 50km I’ve seen in any kind of racing.

  • Awesome race report for an awesome race! I can’t imagine what it was like to be there in person or better yet in a team car. Thanks for all the detail and links. I watched live, but will be watching the replay a few times – it’s going to be one we talk about for years!

  • Derek Maher

    Re-watching the race,I think Anna Van der Breggen made some costly errors with attacks in the wrong places.Although when the adrenline is flowing its hard to hold back.This race is worth replaying a lot and I think Eurosport will show it again during the week.


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