Portable rice waffles and World Cup podiums with Emilie Moberg

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Thanks to a hat tip from Julie Leth (Hitec Products), we interviewed Emile Moberg last week for our #EllaEats series. Leth explained that she bestowed a #SwannyorRider moniker upon Moberg thanks to Moberg’s popular portables.

We reached out to Moberg to learn what inspired her portable creations and to learn more about her food philosophy, and the #SwannyorRider was happy to chat. The natural food aficionado dished about her nutrition background, named her sources of inspiration and, of course, shared two of her favourite portable recipes – rice cakes and banana bread.

Three images accompanied the two recipes, and our readers took note. Pocket waffles were pictured but where was the recipe?

You asked for it – and Moberg has happily delivered. And here’s a fun fact. Moberg ate these waffles on Sunday during the Sparkassen Giro World Cup in Bochum, Germany. They fueled her third-place finish. It was Moberg’s first time on the World Cup podium, and it was also a first for Norway.

“To step up on the World Cup podium was special for me and the team,” explained Moberg. “It was the first time a female Norweigan rider has ever been on the World Cup podium. It’s a beautiful reward for all the hard work that has now paid off.”

“I am thankful that my team gave me the support in this race and that I could deliver in a big race against all the best riders,” Moberg added. “It’s also a special moment for the team because the vision of the team owner and the team director is to develop women’s cycling in Norway.”

The evening before Moberg’s monumental result, she dined at her teammate Charlotte Becker’s house. Becker’s family hosted a barbeque for Hitec Products in their backyard garden.

“We had a green salad with tomatoes and mozzarella, pasta or potatoes, grilled chicken and shrimp, and garlic bread,” Moberg noted. “It was delicious food and a nice way to relax before the race.”

Breakfast before the race, which began at noon, was hearty and filling.

“I had my porridge topped with yoghurt, honey and fruit,” Moberg explained. “Then some bread with eggs and ham. There was also juice and coffee.”

And during the race?

“I had sport drink with extra salt,” Moberg said. “I ate PowerBar gels, one PowerBar and a rice waffle.”

While Moberg is clearly experienced in the kitchen, she considers portables accessible for even the novice cook or baker. And even if you find making portables intimidating at first, she insists that that the benefits far outweigh the learning curve you may first need to tackle.

“Before you start baking, think about what you crave when you are really tired and what kind of food that you know will give you an energy boost,” Moberg sugged. “Make portables that include this. It’s easier to eat something you really like than a less tasty energy bar.”

“For example, my boyfriend doesn’t like to eat so much while riding, but he loves waffles,” Moberg explained. “I make waffles made of rice, honey and banana (which is good energy) and suddenly the eating on bike is much more appealing.”

The rice waffle recipe Moberg shares below is adapted from “The Feed Zone” by Biju Thomas and Allen Lim.

“Everyone likes waffles,” Moberg said. “They’re easy to eat while you’re riding. The rice and banana have a lot of carbs and less fibre and fat, which is good for your performance.”


  • 2 cups cooked rice
  • 3 eggs
  • 1 ripe banana
  • 2 tablespoons honey
  • 2 tablespoons rice flour
  • 1 cup of milk
  • pinch of salt


  1. Cook rice in a rice cooker or in a pan with water.
  2. Put 2 cups of cooked rice in a blender.
  3. Add eggs, banana, honey, rice flour, milk and salt. Add the milk slowly to get desired thickness.
  4. Mix it all together in the blender.
  5. Heat the waffle iron. You will maybe have to pour some fat (like coconut oil) into the iron before baking the waffles.
  6. Cook the waffles. Easy! And then you get 10 small waffles to have in your pocket.

I like to put Philadelphia cheese (natural) and jam in the middle of the waffles. You can also freeze them in plastic bags and safe them for later.

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