• Robert

    Good value for sure. But I just could not live with those graphics. YUK.

    • Scott

      I bought the “stealth” Bracciano A42 SE wheelset from Wiggle on special at the time for under $500. They have a very muted set of graphics, much more compatible with my bike. Have been excellent wheels, love using them. Also bought the entry level Merano wheels from Pro-Lite AU and they have been good as well.

  • Muggles

    I bought a set of the Bracciano A27’s ( with the less flashy logos) about 5 years ago. they have been abused thrashed and never maintained.
    Now my GF is thrashing them on her commuter.
    I took them off road, hit rabbit hole bombing down a fire break. they stayed true and intact.
    In the 5 years we’ve had them only 1 spoke has required replacing.

    I am a big supporter of their wheels.

    • Jessy Vee

      I’m the same, Muggles. I have a set of Bracciano A27’s, and after a couple of years of absolutely thrashing them to bits (seriously, taking them on tracks most would be wary of on a mountain bike), I’ve only broken one spoke – rear, when the bike was carrying about 110kg all up). I dig the ceramic bearings – turn the bike upside down, and the slightest hint of wind will start the wheel turning for several minutes (it’s kinda eerie!). The wheels stayed true through all of the abuse so I saved a lot of money on servicing.

      My only gripe was that my LBS couldn’t source one of their special bladed J-bend spokes, and damned if I was going to buy 24 of them from Taiwan and wait two weeks for delivery. So now I have a round j-bend amongst the aero spokes.

      • Muggles

        The Aust distributor is awesome, and quite active in a couple forums, I had a new set of spokes with in a few days

        • Jessy Vee

          Damn. I must have had a junk email address because I didn’t get a reply. Oh well. Mistakes can happen. Can’t fault the product, though ;)

          • Sean Doyle

            Refreshing attitude. Give them another try and I’m sure he’d help you out.

    • Simon Burge

      Another with a very good run out of their Bracciano A27’s. They’ve done a three peaks, two series of 7 peaks, a couple of Ol Dirty rides and haven’t ever let me down. I’ve got just over 20,000km from them but now the brake tracks on both have started to wear a bit then and the bearings have got a bit of a wobble. Time to replace them.

      The big question I have is to go around again with the same wheels (or give those Bortola A21W’s a go), or perhaps go a bit more up market to something like a Dura Ace C24. Not sure how much more bang I get for about double the price…

      • julierstratton

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      • Dale Evans

        I’m interested in getting a set of a27 or a21 but am unsure of which to get.
        Do you know the actual weight of the a27?

  • scottmanning

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