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  • Darren Yearsley

    I can’t wait for one of the boys to turn up on the shop ride wearing these…..

  • Winky

    As someone who hasn’t ridden with even a basic computer for over 10 years, and who doesn’t have a Strava account, I doubt I represent their target demographic.

    • Dave C

      Yes but your’e using the internet. Thats a start.

  • Alex

    I think this company deserves credit for pursuing this kind of technology. Whilst I don’t see this product doing very well at all in the market place, it is certainly exciting to think about what future version may be like

    • Kim

      There are a few helmets with visors. perhaps having this technology on these helmets might be the go, or at least another option.

      • inopinatus

        Yep. All I want for Christmas is to complete my TT setup with a visor HUD showing wattage and distance-remaining.

        (No, not even joking. If keeping your head stationary shaves even a couple of seconds off ITT results, every aero nerd will want it.)

    • duanegran

      I agree. It clearly isn’t ready for prime time but I’m glad to see interesting work being done in this area. If you would have asked me two years ago I would have thought today such technology would be a reasonable option, but in that time both Recon and Google Glass have fallen way short of expectations. It will be interesting to see if Intel can revamp the product significantly for another revision but I doubt if many early adopters are going to be satisfied.

    • Dave

      I agree.

      It looks very much like it’s still in a “public beta” testing stage, I can see lots of people saying they won’t go for it until it gets into first generation or even second generation series production. It’s good for the product that Intel bought the company, as it wouldn’t otherwise have any chance of staying the course and developing a mature product.

  • Abdu

    Great stuff. Well done Recon.

    I can’t recall but the first version Garmin was probably pretty clunky too, but they caught on a bit didn’t they?

  • roklando

    So, in sum: an ugly, heavy piece of plastic which blocks your view and costs a thousand dollars, and which does pretty much the same as my Garmin 200 without having to wear it on my face. wow. technology just for the sake of it has no purpose.

  • Kieran Degan

    Interesting read. Looks like it could be improved with a small bluetooth remote to mount on your bars.

  • RayG

    The important question is, will Chris Froome look worse wearing this, or looking down at his PM?

    • scottmanning

      Chris does not stare at his PM… he has an issue which leads to neck discomfort. Looking down is more comfortable. He also claims it’s aid his breathing.

      • RayG

        Lighten up.

      • Sean

        I doubt it, he’s obviously got a head stem fetish. I don’t buy your neck discomfort reason, nice story though.

  • Arfy

    It could certainly do with some refinement, it looks like an engineer’s wet dream at the moment. They should employ a good design house who can make their product look and feel much more desirable. I don’t get why you’d put a camera in it when that market’s already covered, unless you were going to make it rearward-facing. A good rear-vision system would be enticing.

    • Simon

      Wait for apple to buy it up then come out with a refined version that will only work if used in conjunction with a compatible ibike, ibibshorts and ihelmet….and it won’t be waterproof or have an adequate battery……sound familiar iwatch suckers?

    • Dave

      Because if it didn’t have a camera, it would be criticised for not having a camera. It’s a defensive marketing tactic.

  • scottmanning

    I was hoping there would be an image of what the display looks like. I realise it’s hard (or impossible?) to photograph but hoped the company might have provided a mock up. As to looks… no one is going to wear them for their percieved “benefits” if they make them look and or feel ridulous. I am one who wrote them off from the lead photo! They need to be integrated, virtually invisible and I suspect the hardware tech isn’t at that point just yet.

  • Jessy Vee

    I’m actually pretty excited about this bit of tech. Would I buy one right now? No. Definitely not. But I think it’s a step in the right direction for future tech. As components get smaller and more integrated. I feel that a company like Apple or Samsung would snap this up in a second, make it look sexy and (what it really needs) cut away a lot of the bulk. To me, it’s just the next step after the Apple watch. But it’s the ideas that count towards creating devices that are comfortable, wearable, integrated into our lifestyle and extremely desirable. Throw in an automatic upload (instead of having to plug it into your computer at the end of a ride) and you’re well on your way to the next big thing. Will be watching this, too.

  • Richard Bruton

    I don’t think I could wear one for the image and bulk of them, and I’m not exactly the most fashion conscious rider out there. They would make a great addition to a robocop Halloween costume though!

    • minalfergerson

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  • Simon

    Apparently it even comes with a real-time monitor to tell you how much you are annoying your fellow club riders by spouting out your latest set of stats.

  • Derek Maher

    Well I doubt if its appearence will deter many given the many fashion disasters we see these days on bikes.
    Tri athletes will probably love them.
    Only concerns for me is comfort and the effects of sweat dripping into the works.Plus of course ordinary rain.

  • Andy B

    Does the weight of them make them bounce?

  • LookingPro

    “You might have even written the Recon Jet off based solely on the photo above.” Um, yep!! Good for triathletes though, they seem to wear the most Fred kit available with absolutely no sense of self-awareness.

  • Nathan Hosking

    Putting most of the hardware tech into a helmet with integrated photocromatic lenses would be cool. All you’d need on the glasses would be a projector for the HUD.

  • C Newport

    I have also had the shutdown when fiddling with the glasses mid-ride. The cause seems to be sweat getting into the contacts and impeding the
    connection. I’ve even had corrosion when letting it sit after a ride without cleaning. In my opinion it badly needs a gasket around these contacts! All that said, I really value having all the tech junk consolidated in one place, especially without looking down. Not just the data but phone notifications, music control, and the occasional nav use. Nothing more flow-breaking that dragging out the phone to switch songs, navigate, deal with calls/texts, etc.

    It’s silly to compare the camera to a GoPro/Contour, etc. (heck, that’s why there’s control apps for those). But it is lackluster even for a phone camera, especially in high-contrast lighting. Also, video can be extended to 30s in the options. Furthermore I guarantee you will be able to see the screen just fine if you adjust the nose and arms properly, the knob itself is for fine adjustment only.

    “you can’t upload your Jet-recorded activities directly to Strava” Not true, you can set Engage to copy all activities to Strava when they’re uploaded to Engage.

    • Dave

      I expect the camera is there only as a defensive marketing move, because it couldn’t sell if it didn’t have one.

    • campirecord

      I cant believe you have those. Give to charity man, go do some squats, DO SOMETHING ! Or suffer the throat !

      • C Newport

        Wow, this inane comment on my 5-month-old post references your asinine comment from 5 months ago. Already did squats today, go ride your own fist

        • campirecord

          I bet you threw those things in the ditch 5 months ago when you realized you could save 200 gr of belly fat.

  • campirecord

    Show up on group training rides with this : punch in the throat.

    • Dave

      Even better – punch to the glasses themselves!

      • traceyge


    • traceyge

      glad I don’t ride around you. punch a grandma in the throat could get you in trouble.


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