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  • Craig

    Great summary! Thanks, Jessi and Kimberley . . . looking forward to more! :-)

  • winkybiker

    A good read. I like the informal diary-type stuff. And Kimberly is really getting some ‘strine flavour in here. She does nothing is disavow me of the notion that ‘strayans are the biggest coffee snobs in the world. The fuss when they can’t get a decent (shudder) “flat white” or “long black”. Not sure what a “guest station” is. And it’s been a while since I’ve heard the term “Esky”. It might even be interpreted as mildly racist here in Canada!

    • Karl

      I agree many Australians (including me) are coffee snobs – what wrong with that? “Esky” is a brand of cooler and I think the other translation should be “gas station.”

      Great write up all round Kimberley/Jessie.

      • Jessi Braverman

        Ahh – thanks for that correction. Typo fixed!

        And happy to hear you both like the write-up. We have a lot of fun with this format – which we couldn’t do without the riders being so generous with their time.

  • jules

    sounds like the bunch was really pissed off with the breakaway

  • Eliza Kwan

    Woo hoo! Great write up, thanks guys!! I love that: seeing the peloton as surfing a wave. Keep it up! :-)

  • GregpR1

    Yet another great read :) cheers Jessi & Kimberly! one question, I thought I noticed some riders with cameras on their bikes, could be a great way to showcase the women’s racing like Velon in the men’s. Having watched some of the Women’s racing in Adelaide @ TDU it gets pretty intense in the bunch :)

    • Jessi Braverman

      Have you seen this video. We’re hoping we see lots more where this came from soon!


      • GregpR1

        I hadn’t actually, this sort of footage gives a great perspective into the racing :) and how nasty & nervous the wet can make things! thanks for sharing.


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