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  • byustudent

    It’s been a rough year to be a big Tejay fan.

    • Samaway

      Every year is a rough year for TJVG fans :(

      • Neuron1

        Karma for Tejay, but I sincerely hope Boeckmans is going to be okay.

        • Samaway

          How so?

          • Neuron1

            Tour de France 2012. Ignores his team captain in need of a wheel. In another race which I can’t recall he did the same thing. Sniveling whiner. Rides for a team owner with a very dirty past and no even mentions it. Greg van Avermat cleared for Vaminolact which can only be used intravenously. Just as dirty of a team as anyone in the peloton. Just my two cents.

            • Michele


              Evans – who is as guilty as Tejay of the crimes on your “rap-sheet” – certainly suffered at the hand of Karma.

              • Neuron1

                I have read that they showed he did not use Vaminolact, intravenously. That is the key point, He admitted use but not by a banned route. Kind of like “I did not have sex with that woman, Ms Lewinsky”. WJ Clinton.

                • Michele

                  But the drug isn’t banned, unless taken intravenously.

                  When you read this article, and a rider says he took it orally, then you must be able to. Otherwise, they wouldn’t dropped the charges:


                  • Neuron1

                    Agree completely. They could not prove IV use, However, association with Dr. Mertens, repeated near misses, multiple allegations. At some point it gets suspicious. Also, a little research shows that Vaminolact is used as a masking agent. I’m searching for what exactly though.

            • jon

              Seeing you take karma pretty seriously, well, I hope you don’t let people catch you riding dirty, homie.

              • Tom Wells

                Neuron has one point though, he is a bit of a sniveling whiner. I’d forgotten about TdF 2012 too…

              • Neuron1

                Pretty strong and baseless innuendo.

  • Derek Maher

    Lot of carnage in todays stage,Sorry to read of riders getting put in ambulances.
    Great sprint finish for Jasper Stuyven and Chaves did great to hold the red jersey.

  • Wilsi

    Stage winner Jasper Stuyven also out of the race with a broken hand (must have been a bit painful sprinting). Kris Boeckmans (not Kurt…) will be kept in induced coma for several days.

    • lindardaan

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    • Derek Maher

      Thats a pity,The race has lost a good few riders.Watching the guys climbing that hill the road surface reminded me of my local climbs.Rough and sticky its like adding a trailer to your bike.
      I wish Google Home would find another site to ply her trade.


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