• Dave

    If Tiff is going to Rio next year it will be as a domestique for a more credible team leader, she hasn’t had an individual win in two and a half years.

    • julierstratton

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  • Derek Maher

    Good report Tiffany,
    Hope you navigate Olympic selection as it can be a bit of a lottery with whose flavour of the month with the suits.
    Pick some one day classics to give it the gun so you keep your name in the spotlight.
    Of course as a pro rider your Team boss will need working on to allow you the chance.

    • Dave

      Tiff has always been a Chosen One at CA, her spot is safe.

      I hope that she is in good form next year so she is not keeping out someone else who might deserve it more.

  • Looking forward to following Tiffany and others in their Road to Rio. Great to see her pick Megan as a threat as long as Americans work together. We should see how that’s going at Worlds in Richmond.

  • Heather nielson

    Very glad to hear details about the course. Interesting that only 1 woman was allowed to go an preview the course. I wonder how many other countries are investing in their women previewing the Olympic courses vs the men


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