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  • jules

    I want to believe him. he’s on a team that clearly doesn’t encourage doping. he’s been through the wringer with this before. but you don’t want to be taken for a sucker either.

    • It’s strange to see him pre-empt the traditional press release or any other formal communication with his tweets.

      • jules

        normally I’m one for scientific, objective evidence. but with doping I believe you can tell a lot from people’s reactions. TD’s contrasts with the coolness of some others who are happier to leave it to their lawyers to sort out. but this is mere speculation on its significance

        • Jules, I’d have to disagree with you there. Clearly there are some good liars who have doped, and some poor liars. I’d suggest in professional athletes it’d be best not to mix likeability with morality.

          • jules

            ok well we can all play amateur psychologist here ;)

            • No sympathy or illusions here – don’t forget her served a 6month suspension between September and March for blood doping etc… it wouldn’t surprise me if he’s knowingly doped this time as well.

              • I’m often “amazed” by PR excuses amongst riders, whom have not achieved the results they’ve hoped, expected or tried for, so they charge up.
                Results improve, and several months or seasons occur, then they get busted.
                After the usual excuses, and p#ss poor suspensions, they then tail it off with “I only did it once” didn’t work for me, I “never did it again” – is that credible? Ever?
                If you’re driven to doping because of lack of progress, results, competitiveness, or desire to go higher, whatever, and it does work, why would your mindset say “stop” morals? Conscience?
                Cynical, but I’ve never “bought” that one, especially if their careers have been lengthy.

              • jules

                I know he’s been done for doping previously. I just can’t believe he’d be that stupid to keep doing it in a modern peloton where you don’t really need to just to survive, which is what he’s doing. But then who knows? He has to explain how it got there and it had better be convincing.

                • In Euro pro road cycling, a contaminated supplement has only ever been blamed once for a testosterone positive, all the way back in 1988.— Dopeology.org (@DopeologyDotOrg) August 3, 2015

                • alexroseinnes

                  What, you mean like Di Luca and Santambrogio? There’s a pathology to doping, that goes beyond wanting to keep up.

        • if “you” announce the problem, then you control it. I’m no psychologist, so it’s speculation, but you’ve read many articles of “x” riders, proclaiming innocence & “oh my gosh, how did that substance, get inside me” to the even more incredulous “oh yeah, I only did it once, never agreed with me” ….. new take on old

    • Dave

      Jules, I’m not sure what you’re talking about. I thought he rode for Slipstream (aka Garmin-Chipotle-Subaru-Transitions-Sharp-Barracuda-Cervelo-Cannondale) which is a team that makes doping a prerequisite for getting a job with them.

      • magnolialover2



      • Billy

        Its where dopers go to die. I just wish Dan Martin would leave them.

        • Whippet

          He has.

        • Dave

          None of the riders will have a choice in the matter, remember that JV said he would shut down the team if they had a positive.

          • Billy

            JV is full of it. Don’t expect that anytime soon.

      • Billy

        Its where dopers go to die. I just wish Dan Martin would leave them.

    • magnolialover2

      I don’t believe him. He already lied once, doped, and got away with it. No doubt he’d do it again. Let me be frank about this doping positive.

      F&$* Danielson. I hope he gets drummed from the sport as all dopers should be drummed out of the sport.

      He is on a team that doesn’t promote doping? They don’t? Sure, now. But the team is owned by guys who doped. Millar and Vaughters. Their team is FULL of alleged ex dopers.

      And this whole, “I don’t know how that SYNTHETIC (emphasis mine) testosterone got into my body.” Seriously if there is anyone who believes that even for a second I’ve got beach front realty to sell you in Nevada. Please. Call me.

  • Cam

    Is their a correlation between the love of cycling and doping, I wasn’t previously aware of this?

    • Spider

      I can’t quite recall Armstrong ever saying ‘hey, cycling, not THAT into it actually….I can take it or leave it’

  • Darren Yearsley

    Karma. The last 6 month holiday he got was a joke. Great articleabout Danielson here:

  • WillR

    Out of interest how often to B samples come back with a negative result? It seems they all hang on dearly for the result of the B Test and in teh meantime firm up their defence as to the reason this substance could have possibly entered their body. I am pretty sure (giving his past) that TD would be doing everything possible to ensure that he knows exactly what is going into his body. The jury’s out but I have a feeling the result is inevitable. In other news, JV is probably lining him up to be a DS next!!

    • Sean

      One or two guys have dodged it, I doubt this bloke will.

  • Billy

    Jonathan Vaughters’ whole operation has been a cover for a number of past dopers. He has made a virtue of this fact. It was bad enough when Hesjedal came out (not by his own choice) as a past doper and Vaughters said “We weren’t allowed to tell you”. Yeah, ok JV. But if we had known during the 2012 Giro that would have played much worse for you. Now Danielson is in the spotlight again. I can’t help thinking that this serves Danielson and Garmin right for their past attitudes. And then there’s the fact that TD’s previous ban was a joke. Not a lot of sympathy for rider or team here.

    • Sean

      His team is as bad as postal, astana, festina, once and essendon.

    • Reneau

      Billy, you bring up an important issue with Garmin and their philosophy. Thanks for the discussion point. It will be interesting to see whether Vaughters and company will dismiss TD from the team after sample B is tested. For me, that will tell a story of whether Garmin is true to its aspirational goals. Given TD’s history on his disclosure of others, I hope he develops some perspective taking for himself.

      • Billy

        JV has repeated numerous times that if anyone in his team ever doped it would be the end of Slipstream. He is quoted as saying he promises sponsors no doping on the team. It will be interesting to see what happens now Vaughters can no longer claim a dope free record.

      • Whippet

        Why wouldn’t Danielson be dismissed? He is at the end of his career. There would be nothing to gain.

        • Reneau

          Thanks for the comment Whippet. Given the fact that TD had two big wins in Utah and he was gearing up for a third I don’t know what he has left in a career path. He has been riding well in Colorado in preparation for the US races. I don’t know what plans were in store for the remainder of the season and for next year. Do you know how many years he has left on his contract now? Seems to me, from a PR cost benefit analysis, the taint TD’s issue brings to the team may far outweigh any performance based decision on the part of Garmin. I do see them legally needing to wait for the B sample results to be completed before any announcement can be legally defensible.

          • Whippet

            Danielson is a “contract free rider”, which means his contract was over this year. Perhaps that is what caught him out. He might have been desperate to perform well in Utah and Colorado (they keep changing the name of the race) to get another year extension on the contract.

            • Reneau

              I appreciate the info Whippet.

  • Karl

    The cynic in me thinks that the frustration and anger is about his chemist screwing up his micro dose. Then again, I think you’ve got to give him the benefit of the doubt until the B sample is in and he has given an account of himself.

    • mark

      Chemist? How would a chemist be involved here? A doctor maybe. Lets not get carried away with ignorance and stick to what we know.

      • Dell Todd

        chemist is commonwealth for pharmacist

  • gregwalker

    Nothing has changed. Maybe we should reread what secret pro said about the giro this year but don’t feel bad it’s not just cycling it’s all pro sports It’s entertaining to watch (the races) but as a vehicle to promote products sports have just about had their day

  • _kw

    At least we’re not alone anymore:



    Apparently other sports just ignore adverse analytical findings or spikes in blood values…

  • Paolo

    Should have gotten more than 6months over Winter in the first place anyway.Time to hang up the wheels and give your WT spot to a young and hopefully clean rider.

  • Derek Maher

    Oh well.I guess its a mans right for a supplement once he has passed a certain age when the old natural production nose dives.Keeps a guy feeling young and full of energy.Just get the prostrate gland checked more often and be happy that you can keep up with those guys in their mid twenties.We don,t want the UCI to be accused of ageism do we?.

    • Whippet

      A few of the masters category riders I ride with use exactly this rationale.

      • Derek Maher

        Vets and masters or some of them do like a drop of the good stuff,Helps to keep their systems in order.

  • Matt Long

    TD has been a professional for 15 plus yrs. His only job is to train and ready himself for races. So, its VERY obvious that his team would not allow him to take some random supplement that might (somehow…LOL) contain sythn testosterone. So, no way this is a mistake. And, taking synth testosterone is so old skool I almost have to laugh. The guy had a second shot to racing and a good life after he retired. He threw it all away. Pathetic, really.

  • awesometown

    I look forward to the poorly handled B-sample testing coordinated across multiple international agencies and the endless dryly written cyclingnews articles it spawns.

    • Matt Long

      leaks, mis information. Maybe a lost b sample or contamination. lol.

  • doublehT900

    Just curious; has there been a case where Lab results were wrong?

  • Dsd74

    Out of curiosity, would it not make sense if WADA or other authorities provide a list of supplements that they have tested and “certified” so that we don’t come across the blame the supplement arguments. I imagine that cost is probably the biggest issue, but they could restrict it to the main supplements people use, as opposed to every single thing on the shelves. And local anti-doping authorities would deal with those in their country.

    • Robert Merkel

      My understanding is that AIS athletes are provided with certain (legal) supplements (eg protein powder) and are told not to use anything else.

      A story on Orica-Greenedge here in CT suggested something similar – though the extent of (again, legal) supplementation was surprising.

      I’d be very surprised if Garmin didn’t do the same – and if Danielson was using a supplement not supplied by his team that’s an incredibly stupid thing for a veteran professional athlete to do even if there was no deliberate intent to dope.

    • Samaway

      That’s a good idea, but the problem is that WADA cannot guarantee that the production of the supplement remains constant. There are no FDA regulations on supplements (at least here in the US), so they can’t be guaranteed from batch to batch.

  • ArthurVandelay

    Tommy D is no novice at doping. His first wife divorced him over it when they lived here in Durango. What a pathetic tool.

  • Allez Rouleur

    I would LOVE some insight on why Ted King is deciding to retire when he stills seems to be riding so strongly. Tired of being around dopers? Tired of being pushed to dope?

  • Dreamer

    These theives ruin the sport for everyone and then say they love it. Don’t they realize they’re stealing not only financially from the real winners but dreams from young boys who give up or walk away because they can’t obtain the same results no matter how hard they try.

    Devil in disguise is a song that comes to mind .


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