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September 24, 2017
September 23, 2017
September 22, 2017
September 21, 2017
September 20, 2017
  • Nick Orloff

    Don’t do want I’ve done by getting into old steel frames .. there are now 2 bikes that are for sunny Sunday cafe rides parked in my garage next to the road bike, the commuter, the TT, the CX, the ..

    • lowercasev

      The temptation is always there…

  • Gavin Adkins

    Track bike next, then MTB.

    • Gavin Adkins

      Also, very strong #baaw game.

      • lowercasev

        Thanks, #baaw takes practice!

  • Dbmurray

    I know too well. I have a roadie, TT, CX, and a single speed. Add to that a room full of wheels and parts and a few steel frames. Now I’m thinking of a titanium road bike. I have a serious problem…HELP ME.

    • lowercasev

      Not a serious problem, always solved by getting the Ti bike!

  • Lawrence Ho

    My partner also have a “bike room” too. And we have 5 bikes, maybe we’ll have more bikes….
    I also want to buy a cyclocross bike, but we may move to NZ in the future. So I have to get rid of this idea out of my mind….

    • Warwick

      But NZ is a perfect place for a CX bike :-D

      • Alex Ho

        Yup, I know CX bike is suitable for NZ, so I will buy it until I move to NZ, or we need to carry our 5 bikes flying across Indian ocean :P. (We live in Taiwan now)

    • lowercasev

      I vote CX. Most versatile bike going around!

  • Andy B

    (counting in my head)
    – 6x road bikes
    – 1x TT
    – 1x CX
    – 3x MTB
    – Fixie

    They take up a lot of space :-| that’s my only issue..
    I need some more effective racks that’s all.. then I can look for something new

    The common question “what do you need so many bikes for?”
    “do they all have different purposes?”
    my response is always “yes very different purposes” (not really true)

    • lowercasev

      6 roadies, eeeeekkkkkk…..

    • Alex Ho

      you must have a BIG garage…. :o

      • Andy B

        The “pool room” became more of a bike room

  • Lizanne Wilmot

    i have 7, with a house total of 11 (maybe 12 if you cound the frame and old parts)
    vintage roadie
    fixie- commuter
    fixie- show and shine
    fixie-pub bike
    track bike

    • lowercasev

      Love that set up!

      • marypkale

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  • Scott

    1 x Road Bike (training and racing)

    1 x Road (wet weather / travel)
    1 x Fixie
    1 x Track
    1 x MTB
    2 x steel frames to be built up (I’ve had to hide these in a box under my desk at work! Don’t tell my wife.)

    I was also wondering what bike racks you were using?

    • lowercasev

      I use “Bike Rax”, Australian made, too. (bikerax.com.au)

      • Anne-Marije Rook

        I have six bikes, my partner another three. We gave up our master bedroom and made our own bike racks using two 2x4s and bike hooks:

        • jules

          I can’t see the photo but ceiling-mounted hooks are good as you retain use of the floor space. just be prepared for the occasional CRASH when things go wrong.

  • Lew Targett
  • jules

    I am a terrible hoarder, according to my wife. I have 5 bikes, but some I am desperately clinging onto.
    1 x carbon road racer (with various wheel options)
    1 x old alloy road bike (now principal commuter)
    1 x hardtail MTB (ex-principal commuter, now.. I dunno)
    1 x TT bike (horribly under-utilised but important for TTs)
    1 x duallie (2 x Otway Odysseys and…. that’s about it, it’s got little more than 200km on it – embarrassing).

    I really need a CX bike and maybe a track bike. due to existing riding commitments though, I would have little opportunity to ride either. but I love the idea

  • Eliza Kwan

    Haha! So true! The issue is not so much ‘too many bikes’, but ‘not enough storage space’ or ‘not clever enough storage’. 11 bikes at our place and counting….

  • lauren o’keefe

    For a brief moment, I owned five bikes: two roadies, a CX, a girly step-thru and a mountain bike. But alas, now I’m back to four as some b@stard stole my CX from our supposedly secure underground car park (whoever took it came with bolt cutters for the lock). My burly, sometimes unfriendly CX (a Boardman CX Team) that I was about to upgrade to make it better for hauling around a chariot when my baby daughter gets big enough. Sigh. I miss him even though he tried to kill me a couple of time with unexplained front brake failures.

    • lowercasev

      Sorry to hear about your bike theft….very common problem these days sadly :(
      Perhaps a good excuse to buy a new one?! #insuranceclaim :)

  • wheel women

    Too many kits…OMG!! I just had to buy a new piece of furniture to house them all…and I wear them all and love them all!! Every pair of 3/4 bibs is just a little different, so there is justification for every single pair…and every jersey has a different cut. If you endure IKEA hell to house them all, they must be important!

    • lowercasev

      You lost me at IKEA ;)

  • Nightshade

    Ahaha this is timely, I just bought #5. I love #1-4 and can’t sell them :-( my partner just bought #4 (we got a deal, had to get two). My sister also leaves her bike here, so that’s 9 in a 2 bedroom apartments. Most on the balcony.
    I have: commuter with rack, mountain bike, carbon bike, triathlon bike, upgraded second carbon racer.
    I use the commuter and the triathlon bike on the trainer both almost daily. I take the racers out on the weekend mostly. The one that gets the least use is the mountain bike, it was by far the cheapest though. I think I’m perfectly reasonable but everyone else thinks I’m nuts.

    • lowercasev

      Perfectly reasonable, I agree!

  • Nightshade

    I can’t do maths. 4+5+1 is 10 not 9. No wonder I can’t move.

  • Lulu

    With kids – we have hit 16 bikes – and we don’t have a TT or a track bike in the fleet yet!

    • lowercasev

      YET!!! :)

      • Lulu

        Never to old to try! Or never say never, apparently I have the correct sized thighs for track.

  • duanegran

    Maybe I’m weird, but I don’t feel the need to have more than four, but I even think of that feels a bit much. I’ve been riding for 20+ years, so it isn’t like I’m naive about the desire to own bikes but I also know that every bike is a maintenance obligation. I have my main road bike, an older road bike for when the aforementioned is in service, a road bike that has a frame crack that lives permanently on the trainer and a fairly classic mountain bike for commuting and weekend rides with kids. I could envision wanting more, but realistically not using much more.

  • Derek Maher

    O,Dear I need to start web browsing. I only have 3 bikes,Classic racer 1980,s SLX tommasini,Sportive carbon job and a clunky MTB for bad weather in the winter.Plus the usual spare wheels etc.Must say I am impressed by you and your partners collection Verita and your handy bike rack setup.My bikes are just lent against anything handy in the house.Although I never park a bike for any length of time with its tyres on a concrete floor.Tyres will crack and perish doing this.

    • lowercasev

      That’s four bikes!

      • Derek Maher

        No its 3 bikes. Tommasini,Sportive and MTB lowercasev.

  • Tim Rowe

    It’s acceptable to have one bike per discipline and riding style, plus a race bike.

    The following example should not even provide any remote amount of justification for complaints from partners:
    29er hardtail
    660b duallie
    5″ travel trail bike
    Rigid 26″ singlespeed hardtail.
    ‘Cross bike – for commuting/riding
    ‘Cross bike – for racing
    Road bike – for commuting/training
    Road bike – for racing

    And of course if you also race Downhill, well then you’re going to need an 8″ bike and a 6″ bike… because 8″ is overkill for some trails, I mean let’s be realistic here… and you’ll probably have some kind of dirt jump bike… maybe a BMX as well. Oh and let’s not forget BMX run 20″ and 24″, so…

  • R in China

    I read the article with a feeling of malaise in my heart…]
    How can Varita sell any bicycle which served her so well ? It is almost like ditching your old dog…
    I never sell or give away old bikes because each of them remembers a particular moment of my cycling life… I prefer to hold to them because anyway the resale value after 3-4 years is almost zero… And I am still coming to terms to the fact that my team took me back a beloved steel framed MTB (totally hard tail and front)..
    So in the 30 years of my cycling passion I have accumulated (some bikes went lost because of flooding, taken back by teams, etc):

    – 1x Steel road bike from the 80s (very rare Ofmega groupset)
    – 2 x MTB from the early 90s (Raleight, AlpineStars)
    – 1 x road Alu bike from the 90s (with a Campy Chorus still working smoothly)
    – 2 x CycloCross steel bikes from late 80’s… I cann’t believe I was carrying something that heavy on my shoulders
    – 1 x travel bike early 90s (self built, I anticipated the “adventure” bikes phenomenon by 30 years, using a cyclocross bike)
    – 1 x Alu MTB early 2000s’, now used for strolls with kids…
    – 1 x modern MTB carbon 29″
    – 3 x road bikes carbon (Shimano, Campy…), 1 for serious rides, 1 for travel/spare, 1 for I do not know why I bought it….
    – 1 x fixie for shopping usage
    – 1x cyclocross Alu bike (used for…mmmm…oh yes , indoor trainer)
    maybe something else , all compounded by tons of spare wheels of different nature (from Ambrosio Alu rims from the 80s, to high profile carbons and some tubeless stuff) and some groupsets of different eras (I have a gorgeous Shimano 105 6speeds downtube shifters which is waiting his destination), etc ….
    Obviously 1 house is not enough to store them all and they are spread among different places….

    Next purchases in my dream list:
    – full suspended MTB with XTR Di2
    – Ritchey breakway bike for traveling (it looks awesome)

    • lowercasev

      I had to sell Candy – I’m not the richest person. I paid it forward, the new owner of Candy is a beginner CX racer – she will love this bike just as much as I did! PS, you win, soooo many bikes!

  • Patrick

    Only road and CX? I also have to fit in touring and MTB (which really means at least a dualie and a hardtail). Luckily we are empty nesters with a big four bedroom house, a basement and a large two car garage :-) So money is the only limiting factor!

    • lowercasev

      Money – always the limiting factor – I’m saving for a Wahoo, which is almost as exciting as a new bike!

  • sina

    As many I dont feel that I have too many bikes, but rather limited storage space. High ceilings though. Any tipp how to hang a bike on a wall? Raised in a very traditional way I might be able to knit my own kit, but working with a drill mostly goes wrong (one bike came down…). Tipps and tricks are highly appreciated as I soon have +2 :-)


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September 24, 2017
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