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  • jules

    taking it a step further, I would recommend purchasing a chain wear measurement tool – cheap, easy to use, you just slot it into your chain and if it fits – time for a new chain. this is important as failing to change your chain early will wear down your chainrings and cassettee -> $$$$. you will only discover this wear when you eventually fit the chain and it slips on worn rings/cogs.

    for anyone who is a regular cyclist doing 100km+ per week, you need to keep on top of that.

  • Damien Cook

    Bloody hell! 1,100 km a chain. If that is all I got I would not bother to ride, nor would many others. At 500 kn/week, bit over two weeks and I woulds be in for a change over. I ride in all weathers (ie in Melbourne this winter it has been yuk) and get 7,000 km out of chain/cassette which is pretty good for Ultegra. I just give it a good clean once a week and keep it lubed especially if the ride to or from work were wet….the norm lately!
    1,000 km might be fine if some one else is paying, not in real world. Mine anyway.
    All the tips are well worth following.

    • jules

      I get more than 1k but less than 7k. about mid-way in between I reckon.

      it depends on the type of riding you do too. 400w hill intervals will wear it down quicker than bunch cruises along Beach Rd.

  • Martin P. Hoff

    I think this article really underestimates a lot of woman out there. Had it been a “regular” CT article it would have been laughed at. “lube your chain” and “pump your tires” as maintenance tips?…. Seriously?

    • Jessi Braverman

      Hi Martin. One of our objectives is to cater to a wider spectrum of riders – including beginners – so you may see articles here that reflect that focus. This piece isn’t tailored to women as much as it’s tailored to the the beginner to intermediate cyclist – the former of whom may not aware that they need to pump their tyres and lube their chain regularly. I know I wasn’t when I first started!

      • James

        I think its great to hace beginning tips. Thats what the site is nae

  • Quickdraw

    I buy a new bike every 1500 kilometres. I think it’s the only way to be safe.

    • jules

      your wife or husband must be a dangerous person then

  • Halcyon Days

    Cable housing is not rubber tubing and lubricant is not called tri flow and you don’t want to drip a few drops into housing anyway as doing so will just cause a gummy build up. Sheesh. Women have brains and don’t need tips to be dumbed down so much.

  • Peter Downing

    Get yourself a chain checker tool they are great at telling you if the chain needs replacing.


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