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September 27, 2017
September 26, 2017
September 25, 2017
September 24, 2017
September 23, 2017
  • Derek Maher

    Oh dear,Methinks its a case of to many 5 star hotels for these poor delicate riders.Look on the bright side Chris,If you take a tumble its on sand.I would suggest not useing disc wheels and tri bars though and ride an ordinary race bike with 28 mm tyres.

    • DangerDirte

      Strange aggression. Don’t understand where your distaste for Froome comes from but this course is ridiculous.

      • Derek Maher

        Not really aimed at Chris,Just he seems to be leading the protest charge.Anyway all the riders will be in the same boat if the course is not altered.Plus its a TT not a bunch sprint across a bit of sand so should be safe enough.

        • Shane Stokes

          It’s a TTT – far more potential for chaos than in a TT!

          • Derek Maher

            Oops,Sorry Shane,It would be more hairy with a team.
            Yes Ian I have road raced in the past retired in 1992 as a Vet cat racer.

        • Ian

          For starters, it is a Team time trial, that means 9 riders trying to fly down a narrow sand-pit – madness!!!
          Second, have you ever tried riding through sand, at speed, on any kind of tyres?
          This is a Grand Tour, not cyclo-cross
          You ever done a TTT? Or any road racing? I suspect not

        • Andy B

          It is supposed to be a “Road Race” after all so his concerns are understandable

    • Robert

      Not sure where the 5 star hotel comment comes from. During the Grand Tours teams tend to stay in 2-3 star hotels that the average Aussie tourist would turn their nose up at. Froome is well paid for sure, but he doesn’t really come across as a prima donna. Leave that to cricketers, footballers etc.

    • Stompin

      Knee jerk reaction? I’d like to see you try flying along, in formation, at 50km/h over sand. Seriously, have a think before you get all hissy next time.

    • SalarymaninSeoul

      Just die, you fucking retard. You say below that all riders will be in the same boat. The boat to possible serious injury? Again, your brain is so fucked up all you have is to die

      • Hamish Moffatt

        Paging the moderators..

        • jules

          dammit they’re probably out riding again

    • Larry @CycleItalia

      The industry missed it here – they could have set up their teams with the newest-latest marketing darling – GRAVEL BIKES! Team time trial on gravel bikes – genius! Sadly, the sniveling whiners have since convinced the organizers to not count the times towards GC, which begs the question – why bother running the stage? Will they next demand organizers PAVE the Strade Bianche in Tuscany?

  • ChoateAlum

    Cool idea by the Vuelta organizers. A little unorthodox, but I don’t see a problem with a small sand section on the beach. Riders should choose their equipment accordingly.

  • What’s more incredulous, than #ASO #Vuelta TTT route choice, is that no ones noticed, until 3 days before the start.
    Organisers have to file race routes etc to UCI – yet no one checked anything?

    • touristeroutier

      My thoughts exactly.

      Yes, not an ideal for a TTT (WTF were they thinking), but it isn’t like the routes weren’t announced months ago, and could have been inspected. Now they are complaining when the organizers will need to go to heroics to fix it (reminiscent of the last Giro under Zommegnan)

      Hint to teams. When you are begging races for invites (in some cases), revenue sharing, and % of TV rights, don’t wait till the last minute to lodge complaints. Show your commitment to them, meet with them, communicate your concerns, work with them behind the scenes well in advance to resolve them, rather than have your riders publicly bitch about it at the last minute on social media. Be a partner, not a pain in the a$$. Who am I going to work with, the guy who shows up at my door months in advance, or the guys that throw me under the bus on twitter and poke the UCI to get involved…

  • blair houghton

    Not just dangerous prima facie. After the first few groups have gone through that sand will be churned up and the later riders will sink deeper into it and have to deal with ruts. That violates the spirit of a time trial, which is a race against the clock.

    As for those suggesting teams select something other than a TT bike, what should they use? Are beach cruisers even UCI-legal?

  • Paul

    unacceptable for a TTT, maybe a TT (but not really), but not a TTT.

  • Teehee

    New announcement: it’s been changed to a team time trial downhill black Diamond trail. Froomeys got his full face kask helmet and back armour ready to go!

  • Daniel

    Hitting that sandpit at 50km/hr? All you need is one rider in the line to hit a rut (that is concealed by the sand), and all those behind go down. I would not imagine hitting that rock wall at that speed would be pleasant. It’s inviting career ending injuries…

  • Andy B

    Too bad if it were raining??
    Those wooden boardwalks in rain are dangerous
    let alone trying to ride sand on a TT bike

  • scottmanning

    A bit of dirt road is acceptable on the right type of race (eg long, where they can slow and take the dirt safely), and within the history of the sport. Putting sand, on a short, TTT is ridiculous and asking for disaster. A long course means slower average speeds. 7.4km TTT means very high speeds!

  • jules

    I’d be more concerned about riding the wooden boardwalk than the sand. sand is predictable at least, but boardwalks are not, as my commuting experience has taught me.

    in principle though, I like the idea of sensible challenges being included in the parcours. the debate is of course over what constitutes sensible..

  • Guest

    I ignore everything that Derek Maher posts. I suspect I’m not the only one. He’s entitled to his opinion, but it’s generally not one I share or care to read.

    • jules

      did you really need to tell everyone that?

  • Albert

    I’m looking forward to next year’s Sun Tour prologue on the Main Yarra Trail.

    • Hamish Moffatt

      Surface there is pretty good actually!

    • Norm

      Nah. STAGE 1 is at the beach on Fat Bikes!

    • jules

      they’re leaving the pedestrians on there this time

  • Steve L. “Chuck” Charles

    I’m shocked that they avoided sidewalks, missing all those cafe tables and waiters delivering coffee. This would keep the spirit of up-close-and-personal idiots running alongside riders as if they alone were the reason for the race.


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September 27, 2017
September 26, 2017
September 25, 2017
September 24, 2017
September 23, 2017