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  • Derek Maher

    Excellent win by Valverde,That last 4k of the race had some killer slopes .
    Sagan is really improving in his climbing and its a pity he lost so much time on stage 2 due to that big crash which cost so many riders dearly.

  • abdu

    Athletics is now an acknowledged joke for allowing doping, with Salazar’s ‘training methods’ and Justin Gatlin coming a close second to Bolt in the worlds. They’re still struggling to deal with it, some are even questioning how the sport even allows them to compete.

    But we have Valverde and Sanchez at the top of our sport and no one quibbles…

    • Pete23

      Was it not Luis Leon Sanchez who was implicated in Operacion Puerto and not Sammy Sanchez?

    • Bad pun

      Are you suggesting a…..Dirty Sanchez?

  • Holby City

    Where is the video?


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