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September 23, 2017
September 22, 2017
September 21, 2017
September 20, 2017
  • Reneau

    Good to see that there is an official response from Vaughters to the TD positive test.

    • hg

      I’m actually SURPRISED JV only suspended him. His teams (whichever held the Garmin banner) always boasted about their zero-tolerance policy on PEDs. I would think the riders on his team would sign an automatic expulsion from the team in the event they’d test positive.

      Just a thought.

      • Sven

        Has to wait for the B Sample process to complete…

      • jules

        Danielson is entitled to prepare a defence against the positive result. it would be entirely inappropriate to sack him before he’s had an opportunity to defend himself. I know a lot of people are dubious about Danielson’s claims of innocence, but due process must be followed. I would expect that in the case of Danielson failing to explain the presence of the testosterone, JV would fire him. but not before.

    • jules
      • sli1

        He’s just keen to see any downside to JV. In Tyler Hamilton’s book it is clear that Lance hated JV when they were riders on the same team and you would expect that events since then didn’t build any bridges. Don’t know his back story with Danielson

        • jules

          yeah but I was led to believe Lance had moved to patch things up with his former teammates, including JV. I’m old enough not to believe everything I read, and it appears this is a case in point :)

  • ArthurVandelay

    I live in Durango and have for years. Serial doper Danielson pulled up his stakes and left a long time ago after his first wife left him over the doping issues as well as infidelity. What an idiot this man is…..

  • Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. Don’t waste it!

  • Derek Maher

    Just a point about synthetic testosterone and if its used in gel form.The user is warned not to have close personal contact with another person for some hours after application of the gel.Also to wash their hands etc after use.Reason the user can pass the testosterone onto another who can absorb it into their systems.An obvious victim would be a wife or partner as a female would have a bad reaction to the hormone.Same goes for guys who won’t get a bad reaction but their hormone level could rise.
    Now if Danielson did not use it ?. He may want to ask questions of those he has been in contact with.

    • 900Aero

      So he has boyfriends as well as girlfriends? Complicated life.

      • Derek Maher

        Who Knows,Could be a grandfather who is getting hormone replacement therapy or even a team manager getting treatment.
        Of course its all speculation.But the medical instructions on useing testosterone gel therapy are sound.

      • TheTallCyclist

        That sounds actually quite familiar. Spot on or as shown in House MD Season 3, Episode 19. For the non-House fans here. Father had been (secretly) using a non-prescription testosterone cream. Through the pores of his skin and hugging his children, his son become overly aggressive and his daughter had had some serious problems (the House case). In addition the father’s mistress (children’s day care teacher) had started to wax her lips due to a mustache coming through.

        So back to the point. You heard it here first!!! Get ready for a defense in the lines “I hugged a fan/friend/random sweaty person, who unknowingly to me had bathed in a testosterone cream.” Granted I am far from a medical expert, however, it is certainly a more plausible (read less laughable) defense than the ‘dead twin,’ etc.

        Just my 2 cents since Derek’s comment brought a House MD flashback=)

        • tj

          Since the active ingredients in Androgel/testosterone creams are fully absorbed into the skin within 2 hours, and it is typically applied to hair-free parts of the body normally covered by clothing (hence the use of the modifier “close” before “physical contact”), the plausibility of this happening is pretty remote. The premise did make a good TV episode, though…

          • Derek Maher

            True as long as the user follows the rules ?. A careless Swanny could cause mayhem ?.

    • Dave

      Attempting to prove that would be quite hard, not least because he would be attempting to prove it to the satisfaction of USADA and not some other sporting authority with a broken bullshit detector (e.g. Cycling South Africa).

      • Derek Maher

        True Dave,Might as well be dealing with the FBI and the USADA have a lot of influence with the present UCI setup.
        Anyway I just thought by passing on the medical information regarding this Testosterone gel and its hazards to other people if the instructions in its use are not followed to the letter it might give pause for thought ?.


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September 23, 2017
September 22, 2017
September 21, 2017
September 20, 2017