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  • I am not expecting the TTT to be a leisurely ride along the coast. Teams have no reason to risk rider safety now by going for it in order to put time into rivals. I also expect a little bit of protest from the teams by refusing to ride full gas.

    Vuelta organizers showing why they are the third best Grand Tour. Trying to make their race a spectacle with pretty views and exciting courses. Tough climbs make sense, but sketchy TTTs do not. The Giro’s seaside bike path TTT went off pretty well, the Vuelta’s response has been a disaster.

    • Michele

      Agree with you that Vuelta is ranked 3rd for GTs as far as professionalism and organisation etc.

      But for me, the Tour consistently ranks last between the 3 from a pure racing perspective.

      Remains to be seen if the Giro or Vuelta takes the mantle for best GT in 2015.

  • Tom Wells

    I completely understand why they’ve made this decision, but a part of me is still disappointed. I was looking forward to seeing how it was going to play out!

  • Michael O’Connor

    This had the potential to put riders out of action on the first day of the grand tour. Could likely have resulted in some nasty spills that could see people out of a lot more than just one race too. I wasn’t opposed to some suggestions that they ride it on donkeys or fat bikes out of protest.

  • Derek Maher

    I guess stage 2 will see a good contest for the GC jersey.

  • Ant

    Great that they are taking rider safety seriously but if I were the GC rider for one of the strong TTT teams, I’d still be pretty peeved about this outcome.

  • Aaron Heaysman

    I’d want to be the first rider in the first team to ride over those sand sections. They look like they may get churned up and dangerous after a few teams go over them.

  • Superpilot

    How did it even get this far? The race starts tonight, and I presume the course was released months ago. How do you get permission to run a ttt on a course including sand, and have it snuck under the noses of the teams, the press but more importantly the uci? Can we presume that everyone was happy until the first riders started their reccie? Crazy


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