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September 26, 2017
September 25, 2017
September 24, 2017
September 23, 2017
  • Steel

    Cappuccino drinker here. That’s close enough to the mark for me. Any coffee after 11 keeps me up at night, unless balanced with a couple of beers in the eve.

    Cappuccino’s are often sneered at, but for me have the best combination of taste and textural mouth feel.

  • MICK

    latte drinker here – its more about feeding yourself than it is about being ordinary. Its more about being able to ride longer and harder and getting a small hit of protein on top.

    • lowercasev

      Great idea. The benefits of a post ride coffee are great!

  • You forgot one important drink. Tea: English

  • Stuart Raybould

    Yes Verita, love this sort of content from Ella :)
    Anything to be said for a flip-flopper like me who switches between coffee type depending on mood?
    I reckon you’re a cappucino drinker….

    • lowercasev

      Thanks Stuart… You are almost there… I chop and change depending on how I feel. Cappuccino today!

  • Derek Maher

    Long Black and strong enough to curl your toes for me.When I am in France I insist on a double grand size coffee.

  • Emily

    Long black coffee for me, except when I know there will be a lack of toilets ahead; then it’s a espresso!

    • lowercasev

      Good idea!!!

  • James

    What about a piccolo? :)

    • lowercasev

      I almost wrote one for Piccolo! I’m going through a fad at the moment with them… What do you think best describes a Piccolo drinker?

  • Scott

    You missed filter :o

    • ginga_ninja

      What sort of person does filter make you? ;)

    • lowercasev

      Filter – a type of coffee that is almost non-existent in Aus!

      • Scott

        You need to look harder, so many places in Melbourne doing filter :)

  • ginga_ninja

    From the people I know, definitely ball park. My default is cappuccino but I have to admit, I too am a flip-flopper. Soy latte on occasion just because I like the taste – or to be different? You be the judge. ;) I would peg you as a cap drinker?

    I did know someone that used to drink just hot milk because they didn’t like coffee or chocolate and didn’t want to have blank space in front of them at the table. Haha!

    I think you should also have a category for people that love to Facebook and Instagram their coffee Every. Time. they ride (i.e. every day).

    • lowercasev

      Hehe, that’s me – Instagram mad!

      • ginga_ninja

        Endorphins have a lot to answer for. ;)

  • jules

    scarily accurate. I am a flat white person, hopelessly mismatch my kit and can be found talking about FTP in coffee shops.

    also cappuccino drinkers can often be found negotiating company takeovers, skipping lunch and looking over their shoulder for corporate regulators.

  • ChoateAlum


  • Allez Rouleur

    Aside from doping, my least favorite thing about cycling is the silly association with coffee. I really, really dislike coffee. I hate caffeine and am really sensitive to it. And, coffee is a crutch. No one like getting out of bed, just do it and get on with it. Coffee is gross and drugs should be fun and strong, not some dopey crutch to get out of bed.

  • Roeland

    A long black is a way to make a big cup of coffee with a machine specifically made to make small cups of coffee. The logical conclusion from this assertion would be that the long black (or americano) probably isn’t very good. Which would be the correct assertion. By making a long black, you don’t have the delicate aroma of a proper filter brew because the machine mangles the beans with 9 bars, neither do you have the intense mouthfeel of an espresso. It’s a lose-lose situation.

    • 900Aero

      No way chief, long black is a classic way to make coffee and moreover, an Americano is a different drink. I enjoy a long black, can tolerate an Americano in a pinch when nothing else is around. No need for logical conclusions and correct assertions. What is this, a science exam?

      • Roeland

        appearances aside, a long black is exactly the same as an americano. Espresso plus water. The order in which theyr’re added to the glass doesn’t matter, crema doesn’t do anything for taste. You can verify that yourself by tasting crema. It’s a bittery, dry-ish foam.
        Now just because I had a reasoned argument why a long black is a suboptimal way to prepare coffee, doesn’t mean this is a science exam. It does ideally mean that you need to come up with a structured argument yourself instead of variations of claiming I’m wrong without any explanation why.

        • 900Aero

          Ok, forgive my hasty response; here’s the long version.

          You assert that an espresso machine is designed only to make small coffees: why then does it have a hot water and steam outlet? Because its designed to make a range of coffee, based around an espresso.
          You assert that an Americano is the same as a long black: its very similar I agree but it has no crema and more water. Its not the same. Just like latte and flat white. Arguably the same coffee in different containers (porcelain vs. glass) and with a minute different in presentation. Nevertheless, its not the same.
          You propose that there is a “correct” position available that a long black is not very good coffee. Actually you present it as a truth. There is no right/wrong dichotemy here, its subjective as its based on taste. Correct is not an applicable term to a subjective matter. This is why I made science exam analogy.
          You propose that an espresso machine is designed only for espresso and then claim that it mangles the beans with pressure. This is contradictory and moreover a view based on your apparent preference for drip-filter.
          You propose that filter-brewed has superior taste – it might to you: but taste is subjective and this has marginal relevance to me.

          I could go on but thats enough. Your arguments are not well constructed or reasoned. They are based on convenient assemblies of subjective views presented as unassailable facts. Nevertheless, you seem to enjoy your coffee as much as I do so perhaps we could carry on the argument in a suitable cafe where all forms of the bean are offered? It would be a pleasant way to agree to disagree at least.

          • Roeland

            Thanks for taking the time for a more expanded response. My argument hinges on the tradeoff done by choosing to make espresso, where subtlety and flavour definition is traded for intensity and mouthfeel. To me, there is nothing wrong with that tradeoff, and I enjoy espresso and filter coffee equally. By diluting the espresso to the same level as filter coffee, you lose the mouthfeel and intensity, while not regaining the subtlety and flavour definition. This tradeoff can be traced to using a machine to make a drink it wasn’t designed to make. To me this seems reasonably well structured argument, as far as taste discussions go.
            In any case, I’d be happy to agree to disagree with a fellow coffee lover. The suitable cafe seems nice, but I’m afraid there are a few thousand miles of ocean between us.

            • 900Aero

              Thanks also for taking time to re-frame your argument a little too. I’m close to agreeing you in parts now – but still can’t accept that a long black is a poor way to drink coffee. To me, the extra water allows the flavour of the espresso a greater ability to expand and develop complexity which is often too concentrated as espresso. Not always but often. You do lose mouthfeel if you add too much water (one of the weaknesses of the Americano) but if you add just enough……The two best cups of coffee I’ve ever had (can recall them both) were long blacks.

              Each to their own.

  • 42x16ss

    First coffee of the day is always a cappuccino, after that, long blacks for the rest of the day. It’s habit brought on by my European parents :D

  • CLS

    if a barista can’t do an espresso properly, the cafe is not worth going to – and its 40mm carbon race wheels all year-round thank you ;-)

  • Jessy Vee

    Skinny Cappuccino for me. But not for the reasons you mentioned, and I’ll usually have one at any time of the day or night. The froth helps cool down the coffee as I slurp it up in a hurry (yes, I am a pig!) and the choc sprinkled on the top . Light milk, only because that’s what I drink at home (no real reason – I drink a lot of milk so it may as well be not full fat), and full cream seems to sit heavily in my gut when I’m riding. I’m not on any kind of diet.

    My friend always orders a piccolo. I don’t really know what it says about him, but we always laugh. :)

    Great article, V :)

  • Long black. Pretty accurate. Personally, I don’t like how milk sits in my stomach, and anything other than black feels weak nowadays.

  • tes90

    Straight black and not super hot. My kit is far from matching, I pack peanut butter and bacon sandwiches for rides and I snicker at snobbish cyclists.

  • Victoria Tojeiro

    I’m long black and always matchy matchy :-P


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September 26, 2017
September 25, 2017
September 24, 2017
September 23, 2017