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I don’t know about your riding group but mine is very diverse. We all ride different bikes, have our preferred brand of kit, and we all order a different style of coffee.

No matter what your coffee choice is, everyone knows that cycling and coffee goes hand-in-hand. Many times I have scraped through on training rides purely knowing a coffee is awaiting me at the other end. It gets me out of bed at 5 a.m. every morning to train before work, and it gets me through a long day. Sharing a post-ride coffee is the best part about cycling.

It gives us a social outlet to talk about the important things, the latest gadgets, compare segment PBs, some friendly heckling and in general, just hang out in lycra.

As I look around my table at the coffee shop, I see a cappuccino, skinny latte, regular late and long black  – each coffee choice an extension of the cyclist’s personality.

Here is my interpretation of a cyclist’s coffee of choice, and what it says about them –all in jest of course, although you may just find some truth in them:

What your coffee says about you:

Espresso: A cyclist  who appreciates the taste of coffee, but is also trying to maintain their “Euro Pro” image. They are most likely riding an Italian bike.

Double espresso: A cyclist that has had a late night of watching the Tour and needs an extra pick-me-up. This is the cyclist that rides their 60mm carbon race wheels all year-round.

Long black: The coffee purist. This is the cyclist immaculately presented in a matching kit and bike and takes time for the finer things in life. A long black gives you more time to sip and enjoy the brew while chatting at the cafe.

Macchiato: The cyclist that just wants to be different. Enjoys coffee, but needs a dash of milk to soften it. They are the ones wearing the newest, most flamboyant kit and riding the latest custom number.

Flat white: Coffee without the fanfare, some would say, the boring choice. Most popularly ordered by cyclists wearing mismatching kit or the ones that spend the whole ride talking about their FTP.

Cappuccino: The cyclist that enjoys the froth just as much as the coffee and would never order after 11 a.m. The cyclist that is always up for a chat on the road.

Latte: A safe option to order when somewhere new, as any decent barista generally wont get it wrong. This is ordered by the ordinary cyclist that is well dressed, riding an immaculately clean bike and very unassuming.

Skinny, anything: Whether it be cappuccino, latte or flat white, it’s the ‘diet’ choice. The cyclist that orders this is watching their calories, or at least saving them, so that they can order a second coffee.

Soy latte: The cycling vegans, lactose-free, dairy-free, the hipsters or the cyclist that just wants to be different.

Decaf: These are rare. The cyclist that has either already had a million coffees for the day or simply can’t handle the caffeine.

Hot Chocolate: The caffeine haters choice. The cyclist still want a hot beverage with their mates but they don’t like or want a coffee. Their coffee connoisseur friends mock them, but they know their friends are secretly eyeing their marshmallow.

Well, what do you think? Did I hit the mark?

Oh you want to know where I fit in? Well, you guess! Share your comments and guesses in the comment section below.

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The tagline to Verita Stewart’s personal blog reads: “Not a professional cyclist, yet” and it’s the “yet” that’s most telling. Verita is a Melbourne-based cyclist riding for Specialized Securitor. New to the sport, she’s quickly made the jump from commuting to recreational riding to racing.

She now juggles full-time work with full-time NRS racing and hopes to make the leap to the big-leagues sometime soon. Verita is full of stories and smiles and snark – and will bring all three to you on Ella. Read all of her Ella columns here. And also follow Verita on twitterinstagram and strava.

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