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September 25, 2017
September 24, 2017
September 23, 2017
September 22, 2017
  • Michele

    No bike … so does this count??

    • Who is this? Cadel?

      • Michele

        Yep … I probably should have explained that Wade. Sorry!! :)

        • Sean

          he’s always had those crazy eyes

  • Tom Parr

    How about a nine year old Ivan Basso climbing the Stelvio?

    • Tim Ashton

      Probably still faster than me

  • Tom Parr
  • Steel

    Fabu is like a fine wine. Has definitely improved with age.

  • ro

    Young Heino – still working on the perfect ‘sprinters hairstyle’….


  • Michele

    Here’s Chris Horner as a ‘junior’. Well, kind of. It was taken 25 years ago. He’s still probably 30 at the time …

    • Sean

      Prob 15 years ago.

      • Michele

        Yeah… I know. Thought I would use some hyperbole – obviously didn’t exaggerate enough ?

    • Sean

      Damn he’s burnt through some teams, 13 teams since 95.

    • Andy Logan

      Horner has been around so long, this beard is now back in fashion….(if it was ever fashionable in the first place)

  • jon

    This is such a cool article.

  • Michele

    Here’s a couple of my favourites:
    Always loved this shot of Lemont. And a young pre “The Housewives favourite”.

  • Andy B

    Who else is in that top photo?

    • Michele

      1998 juniors ITT:

      German rider is Torsten Hickman.

      • Paolo

        Hiekmann. He won the TT the year before.

  • Michele

    You know there are some quite disturbing images on this webpage Cycling Tips.

    I can [just] cope with a very young looking Fabu. And despite seeing it many, many times; I can manage to get through viewing Pippo’s two-tone bleach job.

    But even I have my limits. The Kaiser on a tandem with another guy? That’s too much!

    • Andy B
      • u.r.

        the other guy on the tandem is ex pro Matthias Kessler, who crashed heavily during a training ride years ago. He now is still handicapped, so he had a ride with the Kaiser.

        cheers from germany

        • Michele

          Thanks for that u.r – didn’t realise that was Matthias.

          Feel slightly bad now paying Jan out about doing a tandem. Egg on my face.

          • On a side note, last month I was sitting beside Jan Ullrich at Eurobike during coffee. He’s much smaller than I ever imagined him, and he’s certainly not overweight.

            • Michele

              That’s not a sidenote.

              I’m the biggest hypocrite, but Jan is in my top 5 all time favs.

              I’d go to jelly if I sat next to him ?

              I recall CT did a piece with him – am I making it up, or did something (technical) go wrong during the interview process Wade?

            • Paolo

              ..and he’s actually very funny. Right?

            • xrider3464

              He´s looking pretty fit these days!….good to see, I think he´s in a pretty good head-space these days….:-) ….He´s still pretty popular I think and as you can see from the link, he comes across as a pretty normal, down to earth guy…. this was from the Öztaler Radmarathon, arguably the hardest Sportive in Germany. I think I read somewhere very recently about him setting a blindingly fast climb of the Stelvio this summer as well. (This was part 1 of a German doco – he´s lost a quite a bit more weight since then as well) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8BRet4SZhs8

        • ed

          kessler,epic stage win at the tour in 06 up the muur. sad about his accident a few years back. good to see him back on a bike with tbe big diesel with safe emissions up front

  • Any chance you could flip back the young Purito?

  • Dave Clark

    What a great bunch of photos! I have to say that seeing Joaquim Rodriguez in full kid mode is heartening-every boy’s dream, huh? The shots of Greg and Mr. Fabuloso Fabian Cancellara are killer, makes me want to bust out the white bar tape.
    Thanks, Cycling Tips-I really dig the site-everything-just an excellent job, really. I been reading for six months or so, cheers to you Tips guys from Southern California.
    Cheers, dcsix

  • Citizen Tiger

    Lemond’s been smashing the doughnuts

    • Warren

      When Lemond exercises it speeds up the release of lead into his body from the pellets that are still embedded in him from getting shot in the hunting accident that nearly took his life… so during his comeback he was also slowly killing himself from lead poisoning. And now, well he want to live, so…

  • Paolo

    Who’s dat? Double junior TT world champ?

    • Johnny

      Ivan Drago

  • Benno

    How about Geraint Thomas, Matt Brammeier & Mark Cavendish …..

    • Finbar O’Kane

      and this is exactly my problem with t3 time Irish Road Champion Matt Brammeier…
      I’m sure he’s a lovely bloke and is very fond of his Irish Granny but that switching to Ireland seems to me like a career move – much like Nico Roche and Dan Martin who to be fair have a more direct Irish connection…

      • Shane Stokes

        Hi Finbar, Nicolas was Irish early on – was French for (I think) one season as a senior, then reverted back.

    • MattWilliams

      Awww, G in his Jif kit too.

    • MattWilliams

      Luke Rowe, Geraint Thomas, Mark Christian and Peter Kennaugh

  • MattWilliams

    Luke, Courtney and Matt Rowe.


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September 25, 2017
September 24, 2017
September 23, 2017
September 22, 2017