• WITH the latest LONDON CYCLIST DEATH bringing about the ” Die IN ” on 29th June 2015 , it is TIME , NO , LONG Overdue , that ” AGF ” brought about a similar Action in melbourne , WHEN , the Next Melbourne Cyclist becomes a Casualty of the Urban/Uncaring Motorist !

    Too often the Media regard a Cyclist Death , as a footnote , rather than the FAMILY TRAUMA , that is brought about ! How will they feel , when it is THEIR FAMILY , that they report as ” Statistics “?

    Does anyone in ” AGF ” care to take the time to view ” http://www.facebook.com/groups/stopkillingcyclists ” ? Have they even been in touch to discover the “Logistics/Action Plan , that is required to put these events into reality ?

    YES , it is great , that they bring Cyclists together ! How many of the Aussies that will be at the ” Le Tour ” has brought the Aussie Flag to fly on July 18 th , when with regret , the 10th Anniversary Of AMY’s passing is marked ?

    Until those that WE Elect , treat Cyclists , as VOTERS on 2 Wheels , PEOPLE that RIDE BIKES , there will be NOTHING DONE , to help Aussie Families AVOID THE GRIEF of an UNNECESSARY DEATH by Traffic Violence !

    AS reported on the “SKC ” Webpage , i had the pleasure of meeting the Mayor of Utrecht , today . THIS City regards People who ride BIKES , as their Greatest Asset !

    And how do Aussie Politicians , regard PEOPLE who RIDE BIKES ?

    Well there are Federal Members who own race bikes to keep fit , but do YOU see them , spending ANY MONEY , to keep them safe from a ” PIT STOP at A & E ?

    • jules

      you gotta love THE CAPS LOCK!!

    • Ben Greeve

      Next time you want people to take notice, leave the caps alone.

  • jules

    sadly i won’t be there for Amy’s Ride or Wall, but I have a proposal – a handicap. add weight to riders. you couldn’t just make them all the same weight, but you could work something out :)

    • Kippo

      Yes! i’m all for a weighted handicap!

    • Jessy Vee

      I’ve been calling for a weighted handicap on our local bunch rides for ages! Hahaha

    • Saxo

      maybe you should try losing the weight?

      • jules

        maybe you should SHUT UP? :)

      • Jessy Vee

        So… You’re proposing a 6’2″ should lop off a couple of limbs to match the weight of a 4’9″ rider?

  • Simon

    Comming over from Perth for Amy’s Ride and looking forward to a weekend of cycling in Vic as well as supporting the Amy Gillett Foundation


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