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  • Aaron McNany

    The fact is Astana is often considered a ‘dirty’ team. Whether or not this is true is beside the point–the team should be trying its upmost to prove themselves ‘clean’. Compare Astana with Team Sky when faced with doping accusations. I just feel like Sky is SO much more professional and helpful, attempting to be authentic and transparent. They also (at least) display a commitment to making the sport clean.

    • Neuron1

      Perception is just that, but it’s not reality. Sky talk a good game and really are not at all transparent. We are still waiting anxiously for that “special report” from Sheffield University about Henaeo’s unique blood chemistries. It’s only been two years. But I guess that there are no other Columbians who live at altitude during the off season to use as a reference. If the report is completed release it, even if it’s not published in a peer reviewed journal, along with where it was submitted and the reviewers comments. Now I guess that with Froome’s broken foot we will just have to wait another couple of years before we get the physiological testing we were promised. Instead release all of his actual data and any testing the team has done. They promised it now follow through. Yep Sky is just like the Obama administration, “the most open and transparent in the history of the United States”. Read the ISSUL report about Astana, it is very enlightening.

      • Larry @CycleItalia

        Agreed. English-speakers get the SKY propaganda unfiltered while Astana’s suffers through plenty of translations. I’d say in Italy the situation is reversed with SKY seen as the scheming cheaters while the Italian contingent is an innocent victim of Vino’s incompetence. SKY scored all kinds of PR points when they purged their team of those who admitted to doping in their careers – but ONLY after the yellow jersey was safely framed and on the wall at team HQ. Claims they didn’t know about the history of these guys beforehand were accepted with few questions though anybody paying attention wondered “how could they NOT have known?”
        No argument that SKY’s propaganda has been better and more effective, but whether or not that makes them better in sporting ethics is questionable. Don’t forget they were the ones who showed up with motorhomes to gain an advantage over their rivals no matter how ostentatious it looked to the rest. It appears they’re always trying to be one step ahead of the rules makers.

        • Neuron1

          Agreed, Sky is much more sophisticated at the PR game. If you watch Stage 5 of the 2014 Tour, after Froome crashed the first time, Sky rode behind their team car for a very extended period of time, probably 10 plus minutes, but nobody seemed to notice. When Porte flatted in this years Giro and got the illegal wheel change, did anybody mention that Sky riders went backwards on the course to assist him. There is photographic evidence of this. In this years Vuelta, after Roche crashed and he was being paced back to the peloton they were motor paced for extended periods of time. Much less the amount of time he spent hanging on to the medical car. These are professional bike riders, do they really need their bobos dabbed clean by the race doctor. All I ask for as a fan and spectator is consistency of rule application and equal skepticism of claims of purity.

    • Samaway

      Fyi, for what it’s worth, Sky is not a member of the MPCC.

  • Derek Maher

    One less thing to worry about for the Team Director,Why Vincenzo had to be dragged into it by the MPCC doping regulators,God Knows.
    Astana should have followed Teams Skys example and stayed well clear from the self appointed regulators.Some teams need to use their brains as well as their legs.

    • Rodrigo Diaz

      Because it was part of their campaign to get their World Tour licence after all the doping issues last year. It was all a political/regulatory maneuver. Once the licence is attained, it’s all fluff. The UCI has shown it has very little teeth when owners have big pockets.

  • Faz

    Kicked out of a voluntary self-regulated organisation, yeah that’s going to stop doping in its tracks.


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