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  • Abdu

    Gerrans and Hansen are limping badly, and Matthews not too good either. Haussler? Seriously, was he selected because they were scared not to?

    Are they selected on the basis of their form back in June or is it like the Aussie cricket team and the boys’ club that you can’t ever break into?

    Why no Porte?

    Maybe Mark Renshaw had a point about the dodgy Aussie team selection…?

    Who is the selection panel by the way?

    • Karl

      Why no Porte? Have you had a look at the course? It’s not a mountaintop finish. Renshaw would be good for a flat bunch sprint, not sure if this course would suit him though. Yes Gerrans is a bit banged up, but he and Matthews are probably our best hope. Haussler? Hard not to pick the current National champ on a course like this, but yes they were probably scared not to.

      • Dave

        The course looks a bit too tough for Renshaw.

        Haussler won’t be the leader, but he will pull hard for Matthews and Gerrans.

    • Sean

      Haussler and Gerro will go alright there. Porte doesn’t want to race, Renshaw has a poor history representing Australia on the road.

  • Dave

    The women’s road race selection looks like it’s missing some firepower for a bunch sprint. Bring in Edmonson for either Cromwell or Kitchen.

    • Robert Merkel

      Is Edmondson on track duty?

      If so, maybe take Kim Wells. Roughie and might not make the finish but if she does she’s bloody quick.

      • Dave

        She’s currently (potentially even at this very minute!) riding a stage race in the Netherlands – and blogging about it for CT.

        I was thinking of her more as a leadout rider for Loren Rowney (a role she performs regularly for the main sprinters at Wiggle-Honda) rather than to finish it off herself.

  • Jessy Vee

    Caleb Ewan as a reserve for the time trial? I had no idea he was any good at TT.

    • Phillip Mercer

      This may be a formatting issue. On a different cycling site, the reserves seemed to be a third category for either road race or time trial if required.


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