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  • Dave

    Congratulations to Ivan and his medical team.

    I also wish him good luck for his future plans which no doubt include dominating the Tour de France, selling millions of ridiculous wristbands, massive sponsorship deals with Nike, one night stands with famous actresses …

    • Sean

      Welcome to 1998 Dave.

  • Annie.

    As far as I know, you cannot tell if he has recovered for good without follow-up check-ups for at least 5 years. Only then doctors usually – and not even then definitely – use the expression “fully recovered”.

    Also, more often than not, there are longterm – not only, but amongst others, psychological – consequences: Fatigue syndrom, depression (often caused not only by the circumstances, but additionally by the massive disturbance of mental processes (“chemically evoqued”)), anxiety disorder,…

    Therefore, I tend to be a bit critical about the way his doctors present his actual health status.


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