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August 19, 2017
August 18, 2017
August 17, 2017
August 16, 2017
  • Spider

    love the gold imprinted brand on the drop out – always the little details! She looks great…

    the cromed steerer tube showing through the stem cut out is really cool too…

    well done and enjoy the ride

  • Winky

    Perhaps needs a -17 degree stem (for that old-skool vibe), but otherwise, sweet.

  • Michael

    Pity, in my opinion, there are changes that should be made. Starting off with 3x lacing, front and rear. While I appreciate the black spoke/rim/hub combo, not my choice.
    Also the Fizik saddle, needs a Rolls, Turbo or Flite.
    And finally the bars. The bottoms of the drops need to be horizontal…

    • Chris

      You must be a fun guy at parties.

      • Allez Rouleur

        He’s not fun because he’s offering his opinion? When you post your bike online to share it, people are going to voice their opinion. That is how it goes. Also, when you have hand-picked every single part and analyzed every detail, that’s cool But, others who also have a high level of attention to detail are going to feel differently.

        Not sure why there is the sentiment that you MUST like everything about someone’s bike. He isn’t being critical of the person, just saying…I think it would look better with…

    • Simon

      I agree and the black stem and seatpost are at odds. By that I mean the diameter of the stem extension is too wide for the head tube dimension. It also has a rise whereas a level stem would look so much better. A traditional Cinelli or 3T quill stem would therefore complement the HT diameter. Likewise a Campag polished alloy post with a bit more setback would balance the bike’s overall appearance. Once again this bike highlights the dilemma for owners of steel classics either searching the net for NOS or good quality older parts and paying a fortune or go modern in this case. ( I’ve been down this road myself. ) It’s just a pity Campag don’t make a higher end polished alloy gruppo other than the cheap looking and ime brittle Athena.

    • justanotheropinion

      I agree with most other points here.I also think the headset should be chromed or polished up to integrate better with the frame. If he didn’t want to change to a quill stem then maybe polish up the current one. Plus not much of a fan for the old skewers with all that black and carbon so close. IMO it just does not work. A saddle is personal butt choice and no one notices when your sitting on it, but the FIZIK Arione looks a bit weird on some bikes as they are a long saddle .

      But hey its not my bike and difference is what make the world go around.

      Ride it, Enjoy it and screw what others think.

  • Darren Yearsley

    Achingly beautiful

  • Jake(Aus)

    Beautiful ride…some inspiration right there!

  • Jon Thornton

    The front tyre is on backwards. This is deeply disturbing.

    • velocite

      You are right, but what I find interesting and possibly more disturbing is that you noticed that!

    • 900Aero

      It is also a Continental. That is against all UN and Geneva Convention laws as well as violating the Warsaw Pact and Doha III guidelines. It may even be forbidden in The Bible.

      • winkybiker

        Why the hate on Contis? Because they’re popular?

        • 900Aero

          No hate on the Conti,they’re fine. It’s just the principle of German tyres on an Italian bike. If we have no principles, what are we left with?

          (Very nice bike by the way, I had a frame like this in the ’80s but I gave it away & can’t talk about it now)

          • winkybiker

            Ahh yes. Rumour has it that if you put Shimano on one of these frames, Ernesto personally flies out and slaps you. If you put SRAM on one, he actually spits on you, takes the frame back and gives you a refund (less costs).

            • 900Aero

              “Less costs…”

              Thankyou for that; made my morning.

            • Chris B

              thats crap Ernesto loves Shimano thats why he had them make the 50th anniversary group
              set for him, but yes dont put Contis on Italian bikes.

  • Abdu

    Beautiful piece of work, but you know that already don’t you? Thanks for posting it.

  • Chris

    Jesus Wept….

  • The red is so nice. He’s a pic of one of Saronni’s bikes that I came across at the Museo del Ghisallo

    • TU

      Love Saronnis. Here’s a picture of mine. :)

    • Wookie

      Note to bike companies everywhere: THIS is how the colour red should be done. …and i’m generally not a fan of colnagos (but damn, that’s a good-lookin’ bike.*gritted teeth*).

      • Wookie

        By which i mean the featured bike. The one at the museo is nice too.

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    • 900Aero

      That bike in the museum has some gearing.

  • Alo

    Beautiful. Thank you for sharing.
    Next time more chrome please. If you can handle single big ring then
    otherwise this will do

  • sss

    Nice build. However I think the frame looks too small with too much saddle to bar drop. To keep with the classic aesthetic the bike looks like it needs to be a couple of sizes larger. Look at Saronni’s bike from the museum below. He was a fast racer but not a big man. His frame below looks to be a 56cm and certainly doesn’t have the massive saddle to bar drop of the bike above. It’s an aesthetic of classic steel bikes that most riders forget about these days. Modern riders keep getting hung up on top tube length when back than the concern was about seat tube length. The stem length was used to compensate for the length of the top tube.

    • Eric

      Thanks sss, I’m sure he’ll stretch the frame just to keep you happy. Of course, doesn’t matter if it fits him or not! Pleb

      • winkybiker

        I’m a little on sss’s side here. 1 size larger,a slightly shorter but flat (-17) stem, and he’d have the same position, but more of a traditional look to the bike. It’s just aesthetics.

      • sss

        Pleb?! How old are you Eric? A modern race fit is not the be all and end all of bike fit.

      • Sean

        The set up is all out of proportion. It looks like it’s to damn small for who ever is riding it. If thats your cup of tea, whatever, it looks stupid and isn’t a classic set up.

    • Larry @CycleItalia

      According to the schematics in Rino Negri’s “Quando la bici e arte” Saronni’s bike for the ’82 World’s was a “Nervoso” model 54 X 54 with a 10 cm stem. Colnago’s bikes did tend to be short across the top tube as Freddy Maerten’s bike is shown as 56 X 54 with 11 cm stem, same as Henny Kuiper. In fact the only spec sheet that indicates a top tube longer than the seat tube is a bike for Gianni Motta, a 58 X 59.5 though no stem length is noted. Hard to criticize the bike without a rider on it to determine how it fits (or doesn’t) while in any case it’s truly beautiful, especially when comparted to a sea of all black plastic bikes these days. Thanks for sharing the photos and details!

  • Winky

    I find myself deeply disturbed by the paint overrun at the base of the left chainstay.

    • Mark

      Yes, nasty bleed. You’ve ruined it for me.

  • Personally, having growing up racing with a teammate who had a lot of money – I always wanted a Colnago (as he had 2). Plus I was a huge Mapei fan! This is a beautiful bike, and personally I dig what you did with the build. Classic, but contemporary.

    Everyone’s bike choices are personal – and with that you have to respect each others choices. Harsh rides are great for fast group rides or racing, but I can’t wait to get my Ti bike build up again that rides – similar to how he described the bike above. Congrats on the bike! Many safe miles to you!

  • purpletezza

    In a world of mass production where companies target the average to maximise sales it is gratifying to see a thought through custom build.

    Great work!

    (and when you are riding in any bunch no-one will ever have the same bike as you!)

  • Larry @CycleItalia

    Bellissima! Bravo! I’m in the process of putting a bike like this together for the wife that’s very similar. As Winky pointed out I would prefer a couple more spacers to run the stem flipped to match the horizontal top tube (the up angle looks fine on modern sloping top tube bikes) but hey, it’s gorgeous anyway!!!!

  • Notso Swift

    Wheels are easy:

    Campagnolo Record hubs with Ambrosio Nemisis, anodised so no ugly machined lip, I used gold nipples to tie in with the naked brazing on the frame, but a silver/nickel would be better on yours

    • CC

      I like how they aren’t another pair of campy / nemesis. Stainless steel nipples are a master stroke !

  • Abdu

    When I read the comments for these I always think it’s like a bunch of pot bellied blokes in a bar looking at a Supermodel babe on TV, there’s always one bloke who says “the small toe on her left foot doesn’t look right…”

    • justanotheropinion

      If you put it out there in the public, you are asking for a public critique. So don’t get upset by it. It should be positive feed back. and it is after all, only an opinion.

  • KopiC

    My bad experience with Colnagos. first owner of an ovalmaster years ago. Paint flaked out in pieces. repainted & sold. 2nd chance with a Master X-Light in 2012, I was terribly disappointed by the workmanship. It’s overrated. chrome finishing is mediocre. Chrome is thin, rust eats through the stays, the chrome headlugs oxidises fast. Bottom bracket not faced and threads were ultra tight, not chased. Bottom bracket guide is cheapo self tapping zinc plated screw (Is it that tough to tap to a standard M5?). Honestly have seen better. I think smaller builders like Tommasinis, Zullos or casatis pay more attention to the details. My 15 year old pinarello has a better chrome job. Looks fancy and good when new, doesn’t last.

  • Sean parker

    The owners happy with it, so all power to him, but from an visual perspective the attempt to mix Old Skool with a modern aesthetic is surprisingly graceless.

    Matt black/grey and chrome just don’t make any visual sense and the modern saddle and gruppo jar awkardly with the classic sensibility of the frame.

    This bike is shrill and clamorous… like modern mags on a 70s merc convertible. That stem makes me want to weep.

    I reckon you have to go all out and use the frame for its qualities as a ridable construct and flaunt the apparent juxtaposition of old technology with bleeding edge bikeware. ignore the retro motif of chrome and lugs: keep a pleasantly subtle narrow steel frame, add a carbon disc fork, electronic shifting (campy if you must but SRAM wireless would be killer). Stealth it out in matt or keep the frame raw and burnished but keep it consistently styled – maybe just use the classic badge, a chain hanger, pump peg or one chromed element to subtly state your case.

    Or, max out the retro on a turbo saddle and period components. But this bastard mix of old and classic and new and pragmatic makes my eyes hurt. If I see that seatpost and chrome together again i swear I’ll stroke out.

  • Phil Gordon

    I think I need to be hit with a cold spoon,beautiful.

  • bbb

    Bein completely honest there too many elements here that IMO simply don’t work. Black just doesn’t go with this frame very well especially with chromed sections, at least not the stem and post… If it was a plain red frame that would be a different story though. As someone else mentioned a 17deg stem would look much better and quill one would be perfect… Often a modestly priced Veloce / Athena groupset in silver looks much better than the top of of the range (most expensive) Super Record …. Just saying;-)

  • Alex Boer

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August 19, 2017
August 18, 2017
August 17, 2017
August 16, 2017