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  • Sam

    F Yeah friday

    • Elma Palmer

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  • Chris


  • Le Lanterne Rouge

    And the final price tag was…? I’m gonna guess, all built, just shy of $7k. Am I close?

    • Albert

      Couldn’t possibly be less than $10k! (Of course it would be worth it.)

  • Andy B

    Nice Bike! Ugly shifters

    • Adam

      @shimano, please see comment above.


  • Albert

    I wonder if thru-axles are the solution to rotor rub on wheel changes?

    • George Hayduke

      Yes and the solution to rotor rub all the other times too.

    • Spider

      Enve have a new fork with through bolt compatibility too….so it’s possible!

    • Adam

      I’m waiting for ENVE to come out with a good one. That might be my first upgrade – but I’m also pretty happy with the current fork.

  • George Hayduke

    Gotta close that gap on the bar tape below the hoods. Rookie move.

    • Adam


  • Hairysemi

    That has got to be one of the must stunningly gorgeous bikes that I have EVER seen!

  • OverIt

    I really love what Rob does with integration, and love this bike. However I don’t understand why mount the Di2 Junction box under the stem?

    My solution, (I have some bontrager aero bars with internal holes which makes this even easier), Route the Di2 Wires under bar tape and through bars, connect with the 4 port connector, slip it inside the bars or wrap it under the tape beside the brake line, the bulge is so small it’s barely noticeable, then run a single wire from bar to frame, battery inside seat tube, junction box under seat, use another 4 port connector inside the frame to tie all the derailleur wires and battery etc together.

    • Sean Doyle

      How would you do your derailleur trim while riding along then?

      • OvetIt

        Unless you change wheels, with slightly different cassette position, you never need to trim Di2 once it’s done right. But you can still reach it under the seat blind, same you would be more or less with it under the stem.

        • Sean Doyle

          If the derailleur is never knocked and tweaked it then yes you’d hardly need to touch it but I have had a couple times while riding where there was a slight tick going and being to adjust on the fly is handy.

  • Francis Tan

    amazing.. really nice bike.

  • Hans

    All these haters can suck it. This is one of the most gorgeous bikes ive ever seen. @Albert, As for wheels changes, i assume he means for swapping between wheels with hubs of different brands. All hubs have slightly different spacing. @Overit, nothings uglier than lumpy bartape with crappy integration. 10/10 would recommend an oregon framebuilder to build your next dream bike.

  • krashdavage

    Beautiful bike. But all the superbe effort at integration make what’s happening at the stem stick out like a sore thumb

    • Adam

      When Rob designed the cockpit, he used a custom stem that works much better with the routing (the blue one pictured in the inset photographs). I didn’t love the original bars so I swapped the whole front end for the one pictured at the top. The tubing and wires look very clean from the top – that’s the view I wanted to tune for.

  • krashdavage

    Love the seriously pro saddle to bar height drop too!

  • Beautiful bike; I’ve had steel, carbon, discs and tubeless, but never all 4 on the same bike at the same time. Want.

  • velocite

    So the plan was to incorporate ’40mm tubular wheels’ but the outcome was 24.5mm tubeless..

    • Adam

      I added the 40mm tubular wheels after the photos were taken. The components from Ax took about 1kg off the total weight of the bike. I save the wheels for dry races – they’re a bit fragile.

      • velocite

        Thanks for replying Adam. Do you think you notice a difference between the tyres?

        • Adam

          The biggest difference I see is on fast gravel descents. The 25mm One tires measure ~28mm on the Grail rims and are light and really easy to set up. I run them with less PSI then tubed set ups and worry less about pinch flats.

          I don’t notice a big difference otherwise.

          • velocite

            Interesting. I ride on Schwalbe One 25’s and what I notice compared with GP4000s 25’s is the dramatically decreased rolling resistance.

            • Adam

              On fast gravel, I see notice everyone around me flatting out.

              On the 28mm Ones, I feel like I’m riding on a mattress. Which after 6hrs, isn’t too bad.

  • Winky

    “shredding gnar”?

    • david__g

      I’m amazed 13 year old kids can afford English bikes.

      • Adam

        It’s not the English frame that makes it difficult for them to afford. His prices are very reasonable. It’s the added expense of making it into a ridable bike. Save a little lawn mowing money, try to be an outstanding citizen in your cycling community, work pro deals on the wheels and group set, and this bike isn’t anymore expensive than other high end machines purchased from your LBS. Plus it’s the last one the rider may need to ever purchase.


    • Adam

      I think it means ripping terrain – maybe could have used a different term.

      • 900Aero

        We need to go back to the late ’80’s snow/skate/surf scene for the origins of that phrase- which dates both those of us who know what it means and those of us who don’t….nevermind when its being used ironically. Its the right term, man.

  • Alex H

    Man, bikes look so much better when you get the callipers off the frame.

  • Ha, nice! I did the fork modification. Love Rob English, such a great guy to work with and ride with.

    • Lyre_bird

      I assume the fork modification to which you refer enables the internal routing of the brake hose?

      • Yep, I’ve done a bunch of different fork mods for Rob. Turned a 700c Ritchey disc fork into a 20″ caliper fork with Ti dropouts. Used to do fork mods for Vanilla too, but no longer.

  • Matt DeMaere

    How’s that rear triangle for unwanted flex? I really like English bikes aesthetically, but I everytime I see a shot that highlights the diameter of the seat-stays with the tiny wishbone, I can’t help but wonder how it goes when ridden in anger or simply how a rear rim brake performs.

    • CC

      Same boat.

    • Adam

      It’s not an issue I notice. I mean, steel is pretty rigid and it’s a triangle. Where is it supposed to flex?

      The rotors and calipers have rubbed occasionally (not necessarily during hard efforts but more from low clearance tolerances) and it’s something I hope group set makers mitigate for in the future. There is zero adjustability to the width between the caliper pad and rotor.

      I can’t comment on English rim brake bikes though.

      • Matt DeMaere

        Well, unwanted flex in bike frames would be mainly torsional. I wouldn’t think of it normally, but the rear is just so fine on English bikes, so I wonder to myself and would like to hear the framebuilders reasoning. I’m sure its sound. I love the look of his personal TT bike.

        In the particular case of rim brakes mounted in the traditional position, there is a twisting force with the caliper being the lever arm and the mounting point on the seat stay the center of rotation. For an insufficiently stiff frame, the brake basically goes with the wheel for a moment.

        • Lyre_bird

          I can’t answer for Rob, but if you look at the data presented here: http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S1877705815014216 you can see that seatstays affect vertical stiffness much more than lateral while chainstays (for instance) have the opposite effect.

          One of the tools in the framebuilder’s armoury is to play off these effects; to achieve the result required one might for instance reduce the size of the seatsays whilst increasing the wall thickness of the chainstays.

          • Matt DeMaere

            Thanks, I appreciate quality references.

  • SSSteve

    YUK……. kill it with fire! Seriously though, what a horrendous looking machine. I’m sure it does what its supposed to but purely divisive when it comes to looks.

  • Les

    Beautiful bike. Great craftsmanship.

    • Adam

      You can’t go wrong with an English.

  • Stuart Raybould

    Goodness gracious me

  • Andre_2000

    Very nice bike, but the integration from the break hose through the stem is ugly … may be yout contrive if you grab the handlebar in small position … and: i can´t believe, that the bike will be very stiff …

  • Allez Rouleur

    I’ve seen some of these bikes in person at the NAHBS. As nice as this bike is, any bike with those cables hopping up over the bars is a dealbreaker for me. Don’t like those lines at all.

  • jason hamlin

    this is one beautiful bike. It ticks many boxes for me. I’d love a thorough, comparative ride report/review. Definitely one of the best bikes pictured on the internet this year. ride it well.


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