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  • Derek Maher

    I would think Sophie that money plays a major part for the team stars and their agents now we are in the poaching season.

  • choppy

    cycling careers are short and are not an easy gig. Leaving your family, friends for most of the year etc. You are always one crash/injury away from not riding again. Cav, should try get all the money he can!

  • Arkadyevna

    I thought the bigger issue with Cav staying at EQS was Lefevere’s disinterest (polite understatement) in his goal to compete on the track at Rio. It’s clearly important to him, and he doesn’t want to be signed to a team that’ll fight him on it.

  • Larry @CycleItalia

    It’ll be sad if pro cycling follows sports like F1 where some drivers buy their seats by virtue of bringing big money sponsorship with them, but most of pro cycling’s current woes can’t be blamed on others – the continuing doping scandals seem to keep any sponsors except rich chamois sniffers, corrupt governments, gambling interests and the bike industry from getting involved. The Manx Missile’s big problem might be that (unlike a Petacchi for example) if he can no longer win the big sprints, it’s unlikely he’ll be working in a sprint train for anyone else. He doesn’t punch a big enough hole in the air in any case. Cavendish is an interesting and entertaining character, I hope he stays in the sport awhile longer.


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