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  • Lulu

    So this article needs to connect to the one about how many bikes you own! up until a month ago i had a 20 year old hard tail. Due to being soft over winter, and not enjoying road riding in wet/snow/cold/dark hobart, i have upgraded to a beautiful 29er. Now that spring is here, i have to negotiate sat morning road ride, sun arvo mtb, weekday cyclocross.. plus family life (and their cycling needs) and a job. MTB does lend itself to great family holidays too. Forrest, Derby…. and who knows where else. The biggest problem for those getting into mountain biking after road riding is.. how nice a bike to get first???

    • Winky

      Or just take your road bike off the pavement. Road-bikes are far more capable on dirt and trails than most give them credit for. OK, you’re probably not going shred gnarly single-track on one (although there is a great video of a guy ripping a downhill course on a road bike). They work just great on fire-roads and smoother trails. No gravel bike needed. Go on, do it!

    • Simone Giuliani

      A family of cross-discipline riders sure does blow out the bike count Lulu, but of course we can’t do without a single one of them Winky (got to stick to the formula of n+1 after all, not n-1). I like to take the road bike out on the dirt but when the small obstacles and thick brake jamming mud start creeping in its time for the CX bike and when the small obstacles turn into bigger ones the suspension and extra grip of the mountain bike becomes a must.

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  • Derek Maher

    Loads of good tips and info Simone for those thinking of taking the plunge.
    Could you give we readers the type of frame we should aim for,Carbon,Alloy etc.The few MTB bikes hard Tail I have ridden have been steel frame jobs and the weight of them would nearly kill you on any incline.

    • Simone Giuliani

      Thanks Derek. Having initially started with a steel frame and then moved onto alloy and carbon, I’ve enjoyed riding every one of them at the time but I certainly have enjoyed the climbing and performance that little bit more every time I have upgrade to a lighter model.


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