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  • Mike

    Probably the most fluid and stylish rider around and he had my undiluted admiration until the drugs episode. With his going we may be one step closer to a clean sport.

    • Neil Mannix

      Yea sure, one rider leaves and cycling will magically become transparent and wonderful.

      • Dave C

        Who said he is leaving cycling. He is in the process of setting up both a junior and U23 development teams. The shady past will continue to taint the future in a similar way to Manolo Saiz & J Vaughters. A clean break from doping is a myth.


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  • Derek Maher

    Kudo,s to Alberto Contador who will continue in the sport bringing on new young riders to swell the peloton ranks in future years.
    I love to see the retired great riders giving of their time and energy and money to the sport they did so well in.
    Regarding drugs.Well okay he took Salbutamol maybe a puff to much or maybe made the mistake of useing a tablet.You are allowed 400 microgrammes 4 puffs per day by the rules.
    Not exactly blood doping or cortisone dosing so not a major sporting crime in my book.
    I doubt if many riders will turn away from him given a future chance of benefiting from his knowledge and advice.

  • geh

    well i wish you all the very best for the coming season and beyond, and a heartfelt thankyou for being the great that you are, all the yrs of epic style in our wonderful passipn , cycling, bravo el pistelero!


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