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  • DNF

    I am wondering: do someone has any new info about the B-samples of some notorious cyclists (Danielson, etc.) ?

    It would be great if the CyclingTips Secret Division could call their contacts and get fresh info about this issue.

    Many thanks in advance, and keep up the good work!

    • Re: Danielson, we’ve asked Cannondale-Garmin, Jonathan Vaughters and USADA and nobody is telling us anything yet. The B sample can’t be far away though.

      • gg

        Anything on Luca ‘powdernose’ Paolini?

      • Dave

        “Re: Danielson, we’ve asked Cannondale-Garmin, Jonathan Vaughters and USADA and nobody is telling us anything yet.”

        You would hope not – especially from the USADA side as they wouldn’t want to muddy the waters. I imagine that Vaughters is busy updating his resume, given that he previously said the team would disband if they had a positive and I for one don’t think he is a liar.

        It’s an unfortunate reality that stuff being handled calmly and appropriately is not quite as exciting as the sort of fiasco you would get if the Italians handled it.

        • Neuron1

          Vaughters said, as quoted by VN August 5, that he wouldn’t be leaving the team despite his prior statements. Interesting read.

          • Dave

            Vaughters was LYING? Surely not!

            I hope that another Slipstream rider tests positive in the next 11 months, with 100% private sector sponsorship the team would quickly fold if they got kicked out of the peloton for a month and missed a big race like the Giro d’Italia.

    • mariassachez

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      • Sean

        Your math doesn’t add up. I thought we banned stupidity from this site?

        • Dave

          Obviously we didn’t, otherwise you wouldn’t be here.

  • Andy B

    The Richmond video got me excited.. Brings back fond memories of the worlds in 2010
    Very special event :)

    • Sean

      A great example of marketing IMO.

  • Abdu

    So good to see Rigoberto Uran Uran is signed, there need to be more mullets in professional sport and also more opportunity to hear Keeno roll the vowels over.

    Oh, and I reckon if he stays off the arroz con leche he’s got a GT podium still in him…

  • Sean

    Sagan…..WOW…. i’ve only been around bikes since the early 90s and I reckon he’s without doubt the most exciting rider of my generation and those that follow.

  • dsd74

    I’m in the mood for some corn on the cob…

  • Neuron1

    Hoping for Boeckemans return to health. That must be one serious pulmonary contusion to require a person so physically fit to remain intubated. Even with the associated rib fractures.


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