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  • Tim Ashton

    The whole medal thing is a joke.
    Ekimov now has gold after a being on USPS/Discovery through all the “glory” days. I cant believe he was not part of the culture there.
    Bobby Julich now has silver after admitting to doping throughout his career (only after his name was published in the French Senate thing).
    Rogers now has bronze. While I want to believe he is clean, there are certainly a few shady parts of past including working with Dr Ferrari, but he only got training plans, so all good!

    • jules

      it makes sense. Ferrari’s training plans were the best in the business.

    • Ringo

      Reallocating medals is a joke in itself, but the fact that he’s accepted it behind Ekimov and Julich makes it even more so. I like Mick Rogers, but there’s no reason to think that he was any less suss than the rest of them. Can’t we all just accept the fact that most of them were probably juiced, and let sleeping dogs lie?

      • elidajjones

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    • Michele

      I know what you mean … I’m just letting that go through to the keeper.
      As long as Mick is happy [read: not feeling guilty] to receive the bronze than it’s no skin off my nose.

      • jules

        I would love to understand the psychology around that. Personally I’d be embarrassed. Not that I’m implying anything.

        • Michele

          I hope you’re referring to trying to understand the psychology of Mick and retrospective medals and not me Jules.
          You’ve got no chance of working me out. ;-)

          • jules

            I meant Mick!

            • Michele

              Of course :)
              Just stirring the pot. But in all honesty, the more you think about the whole scenario, the more it does your head in.

              • jules

                I’ve long since stopped expecting it to make sense, I accept that his refusing the medal would raise even more eyebrows…

        • Abdu

          With no reference to Mick Rogers, simply stating a generic cycling situation:

          Why would one person be embarrassed at receiving a gold medal, when they have doped for a long time and never been caught, and happily worn the ‘fruits’ of their cheating (rainbow jerseys etc.)?

          In Rogers’ case, there is nothing to suggest he doped but he surely is a remarkable human being when all around him seem to have done so. He even got one world champ jersey when David Millar was stripped for doping. I want Rogers to stand up and be proud about this, be loud about it. Surely he’d want to, I mean he beat all those drug cheats right?

          His time with T Mobile, then left Sky just coincidentally when they clamped down & kicked out ex dopers like Yates, who he’s now with at Tinkoff Saxo, pah..just because those around you dope doesn’t mean you do.

          Interestingly Athletics is going though a similar phase right now to where cycling was, only now some in Athletics are realising how their best ‘athletes’ are doped up. Nike sponsored athlete turned coach Alberto Salazar has been outed by the BBC for having ‘not normal’ success with his coaching methods. Mo Farah is his best known and most successful protoge but he’s fine being a British star and all. Chief of IAAF Seb Coe is on the attack denying it all rather than investigating, surprisingly he’s been a Nike ambassador for a long time. No conflict there. Justin Gatlin is being roundly abused for returning from doping sanctions to be once again at the top (silver at the 100m in the Worlds), yet Usain Bolt is seen as the perfect good guy, and he’s clean because…? Everyone has forgotten “The dirtiest race in history” from the 1988 Olympics, now the journos are all asleep and paid to write nice things, I mean that was nearly 30 years ago and the drug testers so much more advanced and prevalent now right? Sounds so familiar I can hear Lance and Pat McQuaid screaming about the injustice from here.

          Cycling’s the only sport with the drug cheats though.

          • jules

            I think the term is ‘in for a penny, in for a pound’ :)

          • Michele

            It’s a great topic of debate.

            I’m not going to point the finger at Mick and say he did [or didn’t dope], but I do recall he was interviewed by 60 Minutes in 2007, when Rogers was interviewed he was adamant he had never doped.

            He also said this:

            MICHAEL ROGERS: I have lost three or four races now where the winner has been found for doping, so …
            LIZ HAYES: Doesn’t that make you angry?
            MICHAEL ROGERS: For sure, I’m to the point now if it happens again I’ll start suing people, you know, because I lose money too.
            LIZ HAYES: So, I have to ask you — have you ever been tempted?
            MICHAEL ROGERS: No, I grew up with a completely different outlook on doping.
            LIZ HAYES: There’s a zero tolerance to drugs?
            MICHAEL ROGERS: There is complete zero tolerance from me.

            Some interesting reading some 8 years on.


            Wonder when the legal action will start.

            • jules

              I’m not accusing Mick, but they all know the routine. if you dope, you can’t be half-pregnant. you must condemn those who are caught before you, as if you have been wronged. those riders will not complain, as they know the drill too and will cop it on the chin. these statements from Mick above, like from others before him – whether truthful or not – are meaningless. no one ever says “yeah, I’ve doped so I can’t complain” if they haven’t been caught yet.

            • Adbu

              Not sure about Mick, but the amount of flogs in the world who claim they are talking to their lawyers, are considering legal action, etc etc. then never actually do so is huge.

              Shane Warne loves to trumpet that threat, then pffffttt… nada ever happens.

              Off on a tangent but I’d love to see enforced legal action and costs awarded for even mentioning that claim “I’ll sue..” Imagine a journo actually remembering or worse still checking facts and saying “didn’t you claim you’d sue?”

              • Dave

                That most of those people talking to their lawyers don’t end up in court would suggest that lawyers are more honest than we think they are.

          • Neuron1

            Yeah, that clenbuterol positive from a few years back was all a mistake. Tainted meat in China and all. Funny how nobody else from that race tested positive. Ever hear of an echo positive from a blood bag?

        • Mark

          The artful dodger..

      • Dave

        Previous evidence would suggest that Mick doesn’t feel guilt.

    • Arfy

      It would be interesting to see samples from Olympic games retested now, not just for cycling but for all Olympic sports (assuming those on the podium were actually sampled properly). But maybe if they did that then the podiums would be filled with athletes from little-known countries who just couldn’t afford a PED program, and certain countries would slip down the medal tally table. Unfortunately there’s more to the Olympics than just sport.

      • Sean

        The headline would read: Eric the Eel dominates the pool after sample re-testing.

      • Abdu

        Sammy Sanchez would be left naked. No Olympic earrings, gold (medal) bling on his bike, tatts, etc. He’s been trading on the Olympic success for years. He’d run for the hills if they ever tested those samples…

        Jarred Tallent is an Australian walker who has actually been very vocal in how he was robbed, and gives the strong impression that he is clean (or otherwise must be completely mental). He has twice been shafted of Olympic Gold by drug cheats but AOC would rather ignore him than face the embarrassment. In 2012 London he was Silver in the 20km to a Russian who was later banned by his own RUSADA, who stripped him of his 2012 Worlds win earlier but not the Olympic gold (they selected to ban him only 2009 to June 2012, then October 2012 for another 3 years…).

        In 2008 in Beijing in the 50km he again got silver, the Italian gold medallist was later stripped but Tallent never awarded gold.

        Mick Rogers is a very lucky boy…

    • Michele

      Funny thing is .. the most annoyed I ever got with the whole LA episode – aside from his on-road confrontation with Filippo Simeoni, was all the jibes LA made along with Eki and a few others on twitter when Tyler lost his Gold Medal.

  • Neil

    Seriously jealous of the della Donna. Disappointed I can’t justify the trip to Melbourne.

    • I’m bummed that you can’t make it too!

      • Neil

        I’ve put out a call for anyone interested in a road trip. A 9 hr drive following the ride isn’t filling me with enthusiasm.

        • Michele

          Where you live Neil??

          • Neil

            Orange, NSW.

            • Michele

              Sorry Neil … I saw 9 hours and thought [hoped] Adelaide. Would love to help you, but it is slightly out of my way.
              I hope you can get there.

    • Andy B

      Looks like some awesome roads (I think my arm could be twisted into making the ten hour drive)

  • Kim

    I would love to be della Donna. I will be in Melbourne on the first weekend in December. I had earmarked this course from the cycle atlas lads website as one to ride while in Melbourne. Is there any easyish way to get to Warburton from Melbourne or do I just hire a car. I have considered riding from Lillydale train station but not sure I could manage the extra 35 km each way, especially the return trip.

    • jules

      hire a car seems the easiest option. the ride is good though – on the rail trail.

    • Arfy

      Try this website, it covers bus, train, and tram throughout Victoria http://ptv.vic.gov.au/
      There’s also an app you can download so you can take your trip information with you.
      It seems there is a connecting bus service from Lillydale station to Warburton, just depends if the times suit you.

      • jules

        can you take a bike on the bus?

        • Arfy

          No idea, you’d need to contact the service operator. If it’s in a bike bag should be OK, but then you’d want to stay overnight at Warburton to assemble your bike.

          • Abdu

            Intact bike on a bus, no. But in a compact bike bag it’d be a pretty good chance.

            Martyrs (good name) is a private operator who might help.

            Give it a crack.

    • If we have enough out of town visitors with the same problem, I’ll set something up to connect everyone so that car pooling can be arranged.

      • echidna_sg

        Are you offering group bookings for international flights too? ;-)

        • If you get me an airline sponsor, I’ll take care of the rest!

  • echidna_sg

    Dumoulin aint the only one who can’t believe his Vuelta so far… #timetrialistsaretheneweliteclimbers

    PS – Aussie team for the worlds has been released – as always, its about who isn’t in it rather than who is… No R Porte???

    • jules

      Richie spent his biccies on early season races, didn’t ride La Vuelta

    • Michele

      Pretty sure I read some time back Richie was giving World’s a miss.

      • echidna_sg

        yeah I recall something too… but with three TT slots on offer and only 2 taken up (Hepburn as oceania champ gets us a bonus slot) you would think he might be keen to give the TT a go as the reigning national champ…

        • Michele

          Yeah .. good point. I did forget about Heppy’s win and how that gives AUS a third starter.

      • Dave

        I can’t see Sky wanting to take a punt on a departing rider winning a rainbow jersey over the top of one of their guys.

        • Paolo

          Not Sky’s decision who rides world and who not.

          • Dave

            Most trade teams will have terms in their rider contracts allowing them to veto participation in other events for any reason they want.

            Sky is not run by amateurs and they are well known for absolute ruthlessness when it comes to all things contractual, you can bet every single one of their riders has those terms.


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