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September 26, 2017
September 25, 2017
September 24, 2017
September 23, 2017
  • jules

    not really

    • Mick Carter

      My first thought was ‘I reckon jules reads it…’ ;-)

    • Michele

      I never do.

      This is highlighted by:
      a. my spending the last 45 minutes trying to work out the significance of your ‘cryptic’ post, and
      b. not realising [as Pete below has done] that is was missing in the first place for some time.


    • Richard

      I read it

  • PD

    Yep, I read the digest of the digest. Saves me time if I don’t have time to read the whole thing.

    • Pete

      Yep, me too. I noticed it was missing for a few issues, probably a few months ago now. I definitely miss it when it’s not there!

      • Michele

        I think the goal for Matt – or whoever is curating that day’s DND – is to truncate the digest of the digest down to 1 x 160 character tweet.

        That seems to be the most ‘relevant’ form of communication these days. Short attention spans and all.

    • Art Wetherall

      Yep, I read it.

  • Another one bites the dust

    Hey UCI,
    This sh#t is bananas, B-A-N-A-N-A-S

    From every rider that’s been hit by a car

  • Simon

    I’m all for this ride from Warby to Donna Buang. Beautiful scenery and riding on closed roads. I wish it every success. But in the promo you’re using Italian images and language to promote it. Cultural cringe or just an appeal to an exotic past (albeit a worthy one) that has little relevance to our own cycling heritage through this wondrous landscape? This is Australia, we have a strong cycling history too, I suggest let it stand on its merits. Otherwise it is being sold as worthy partly because of a tenuous link to an evocation of a past that is considered superior to what we have here.

    • De Mac

      Fair point I reckon – the commentary and fast-paced cutting in and out of separate scenes in the clip seemed to overwhelm. I get what they are trying to achieve, but, as you correctly state, we do have a fine cycling culture of our own and just look at that scenery along the Great Divide – absolutely stunning…

    • I definitely see where you’re coming from Simon, however we don’t have video footage from the 1978 Warny to weave in. If we had a rich vault of content to kick this thing off with, then that would be a different story.

    • jules

      I understand what you’re saying Simon, but there’s a fine line between embracing your local culture and heritage, and jingoism – where you are so insecure about your local identity that you feel the need to quash any references or associations with foreign ones. Aussies are mostly comfortable in their own skins and happily embrace elements of foreign culture, and I’d like it to stay that way. No disrespect, I’d enjoy seeing a promo based on Aussie cycling heritage too.

    • Abdu

      Rapha already did it (really well I might say) with that Tasmanian short film a year or so ago. Do it like that and you’re accused of copying.

      Can’t win either way.

      I like it, especially since I like the old school Giro clips with those wild stages (Passo di Gavia in snow), classic Italian messiness, loose units, etc. which could also be said for Australia. TdF is getting more and more like a packaged processed food.

      Is this really an issue? Get out and ride.

    • Fair point I reckon. The balls in CT’s court for future editions of the fondo. Having said that, I’m still going and am appreciative. ?

  • Andy B

    I feel like Cam Meyers time at Greenedge hasn’t been as good as expected
    hopefully a new team will give him the spark he needs
    Very promising talent and he seems like a real nice guy :) all the best cam!

    • Kieran Degan

      I agree. Unfortunately one of those so hyped up as our next big GC guy. Sometimes a change of scenery is good.
      On the note of transfers, any word on the ‘big’ signing for OGE?

      • jules

        apparently Dan Jones is changing roles. was that harsh?

        • Michele

          Well he has finished on the podium of the giro before.

          • jules

            woosh… ?

          • ed

            mmm – andy schleck, ricardo rico or yaroslav popovych – surely not david arroyo

            • Michele

              Sorry ed .. I was messing about talking about Dan Jones.
              I do wonder who the ‘big name’ might be. Any chance of Cav?

              • Dave

                Cav is apparently too expensive for MTN-Chewbacca (losing the MTN bit at the end of the year, and Qhubeka is a charity) unless he brings a big sponsor with him or they are expecting the CPI* to fall dramatically as September rolls on.

                I wouldn’t expect Orica-YourNameHere to be in much of a different situation unless they shed a few of their current big names. Even if Cav did have a sponsor willing to go with him, they would probably balk at the potential impact of being associated with a company like Orica.

                * Cavendish Price Index

                • Derek Maher

                  I heard today on eurosport that Louis Meintjes is leaving MTN -Q for Lampre-Merida at the end of the season.The MTN manager is a bit unhappy but he may have some extra cash now to bid on another rider.Assuming they get replacement sponsorship to replace MTN.

  • Michele

    At least one rider is becoming a little vocal, and making a very good point might I add:


    The CPA Twitter account is interesting .. Big picture of Kittel in it’s banner. And judging by their tweets, they don’t seem to be the most proactive organization out there.

    • Dave

      “Cyclists’ union” is right up there with military intelligence…

  • Michele

    Side point, and kind of related to Oleg Tinkov / sexism in cycling ….

    What’s the deal with the two male models alongside Roxane Fournier’s photo above. Their podium outfits aren’t really becoming.

    • Andy B

      Nice vest though!

    • Derek Maher

      Got to agree,Bring back the podium ladies and spare us.

  • Nitro

    “138 kilometres in length… six categorised climbs… summit finish… total elevation gain of nearly 5,000m… one of the toughest Grand Tour stages ever”

    Do the maths of 138km in just over 4-and-a-half hours.

    I did, and found a new level of respect for the pros…

  • Blood bags on a rest day

    No one thinks the whole Astana team charging off the front on a 5,000m climbing day after a rest day is worth noting?

    A moto running down racers is one thing, but surely this is completely taking the wee?

    • jules

      well Landa is off to Sky, so that should be interesting

      • Michele

        Has that been ‘officially’ confirmed yet Jules? [I don’t know].
        Unless I’ve missed something, the latest reports about his move to Sky all seem to be from the last week July. Sounded pretty certain – 2 year deal was being bandied about.
        Strange it hasn’t been confirmed.

        • jules

          I’m about as certain of that as I am of Astana’s rest-day shenanigans – it sounds about right :)

          • Blood bags on a rest day

            Yes, had read a few times that Landis Calrissian (see what I did there?) was off to the Death Star..

            I’ve got 2 words for you Kimmy, Jonothan Tiernan Locke…

      • claude cat

        he’s off for sure. His post stage interview was “interesting”


        Did you take off your earpiece?

        No, but I was about to because Martinelli wanted me to stop and I didn’t want to stop.

        He asked you to stop?



        When Fabio was already alone. I thought it was stupid. There was a 1.30
        minute gap, I could win the stage and I did not think it was fair to me.

        So what was your answer?

        That I wasn’t going to stop. He promised me that Fabio would let me win the stage… but I just didn’t stop.

        • jules

          crikey the skulduggery is worse than in Federal Cabinet!

          “no, really, we want you to take the UCI points away from us! we will help you, I promise!” Landa not that stupid..

          • Dave

            Both teams’ UCI points get reset to zero at the Tour Down Under when the new season starts.

            Points carrying over only count if a team is fighting to not get relegated from the WorldTour – but this is no issue at the moment even for the lowest teams (let alone those comfortably inside the top 16 like Sky and Astana) as there is a vacancy rather than a queue of applicants trying to get in.

        • Michele

          Oh, Landa is definitely going … but to where? Other rumours suggest Movistar.
          I would like it to be SKY. Could be the perfect storm for the conspiracy theorists.

        • Neuron1

          If Landa pulls anything like that at Sky I can foresee a serious keelhauling by Sir Dave. Or maybe they will drag him behind the Death-star. Either way it won’t turn out well. Any new DS will see this as outright mutiny, clearly not a good way to go out from your old team.

          Can you imagine if Richie Porte pulled this on Froome at the Tour when Quintana attacked, or if Porte had not dropped back for the illegal feed in 2013, all you Sky team boys would collectively wet your pants.

    • Michele

      I deliberately didn’t comment on it; I wanted to see how long it was until someone brought it up.

      TBH – I also didn’t really think it was worth commenting/speculating on.

      Landa got in the original break and won the stage. The fact Ian Boswell [finished third on the stage], who was also in the break, finished 1’40” behind shows Landa’s performance wasn’t extraordinary.

      And Aru put all of 30 seconds into the Latisha duo of Moreno and Purito.

      And keep in mind that it was very noticeable to see from the stage results who has ridden the Giro and who rode the TdF.

      Sure Astana were on the gas when Froome was in trouble. But as far as Astana’s performances overnight, I’ve see plenty of more ‘remarkable’ performances; by both Astana and by other teams, this year.

      • Neuron1

        Michele, we don’t often agree but your point is exactly correct. Nieve finished 50 seconds after Aru when he was forced to spend time and energy helping Froome early on. In effect a wash when comparing the two teams. If memory serves correctly a certain stage, the day after a rest day in this years Tour saw Team Sky basically destroy the peloton with an even more impressive display than Astana yesterday. I guess that it’s okay if one team is winning but not another. I’m impressed by the fact that Moreno dragged Purito up the entire final climb after attacking through the preceding valley. That was a real show of raw power.

  • Chav

    The loss of Chava from the peloton is sad.

    We need more cashed up bogans with massive tatts on their legs in the sport. If only so the tradies in their $60k Hiluxes towing Jetskis might see cyclists as one of them…

    • Dave

      Rumour has it that Tom Boonen has “such is life” tattooed across his midriff.

  • Gotta say, I’m quite angry at the apparent disrespect shown by the UCI towards the riders in relation to race safety. The amount of incidents this year alone has been rediculous. Riders need a stronger union or a governing body that gives a shit…..


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September 26, 2017
September 25, 2017
September 24, 2017
September 23, 2017