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  • Kieran Degan

    Sad news for MTN losing Mientjes. Gotta be expected, but still sad. Great news for him though, he looks the goods.

    • Art Wetherall

      Indeed, did anyone else hear Carlton Kirby’s comment on yesterday’s stage? “It was all quiet at breakfast. ‘Who have you been talking to Louis? Lapre Merida, that’s who’.”

      • Dave

        I work on the Schrödinger’s Cat theory with CK – if he is stuck in a lead box (i.e. I don’t tune in to races he calls) then he may or may not say anything and I won’t be affected.

  • Sean Doyle

    Interesting to hear Fabs comments. Sometimes you forget these guys are really just as vulnerable as the rest of us. It’s easy to think they are always full of self belief are they just go and train and race when they need to. Competing at such a high level as well as all the other things like travel, health family etc. is so incredibly taxing on the soul.

    • jules

      I can barely imagine the intense training these guys must go through to elevate their condition to what they need to be to win World Tour events. to have that evaporate in front of your eyes with a crash must be heart breaking.

      • Sean Doyle

        For sure. As he said, to go through that whole rebuild phase with a really limited time frame would just do your head in for a third time in a season. Better to go away and get fresh and hungry for a big season next year. You would have to think he probably only has one or two left in him, not to write him off at all, but I’m sure these guys get to a point where they have achieved what they wanted out of the sport or come to a realisation they have achieved what they are capable of and there is nothing else to prove to anyone and more importantly to themselves.

    • Dave

      I wonder if he has been compromised by making his previous two comebacks too quickly without giving it a chance for everything to heal properly?

      Look at Taylor Phinney as the opposite example – he’s taken it cautiously and slotted straight back in at a higher level than he was before the crash.

    • Scott

      I had to re read the last paragraph in the Fabs article, sounded like he was admitting he was just out of good batteries?? ; )

      • Dave

        Must be because he’s sponsored by Samsung.

      • jules

        I think he said he was more having trouble re-charging them. I know how frustrating that can be, he might need new ones.

        • Dave

          Damn micro-USB plugs, so particular about being inserted the right way up!

          • jules

            he’s going to be paying for that choice of words for a while, I reckon :)

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  • Abdu

    So Oleg Tinkov is full of it…who’d have known? UCI doesn’t even seem to have done anything with the list of demands he made either.

    Russia’s wacky version of Richard Branson strikes again.

    Throw that on the pile of “I’m going to sue..!” from tossers who never do.

    • Sean Doyle

      Yes he’s full of it at times…..well a lot of the time actually…..but would you react any differently if your guys were being taken out. I’m sure there was some heat in the discussion in the bus. It looks to me that he threatened to walk, the organisers offered some measures they could implement immediately and the boys get to race their bikes. Seems like a normal transaction to me to be honest. Later on they can all sit down and look at how in the long term they can ensure this doesn’t happen again.

    • velocite

      Tinkov may be full of it, but it looks to me like he makes a very positive contribution by raising the profile of significant issues. Accidents involving vehicles are not new and the issue needed ramping up, which is a thing no-one can do as well as Oleg.

      His offer of a prize for a grand slam of all tours had a good effect as well, IMHO, by putting the spotlight on the whole annual program.

  • velocite

    Loved the bicycle-riding robot. It probably knows about counter steering! Comes not long after an Aussie team won an international soccer tournament:

  • Dave

    Love the email newsletter’s comments about the three genders permitted to ride the Around Woman – Google Translate of Giro della Donna :D – event in Victoria: male, female and triathlete.

  • jon

    There is footage to the Paulihno incident. As a cyclist, motorcyclist, and a motorist, I don’t think the blame falls entirely on the moto. From the footage, Paulihno looks to have had drifted from his line after existing the corner and collided with the moto from behind.

    • De Mac

      Well, Paulihno took the proper line through the corner – clipping the apex and running out of it – as any good rider would. The moto rider did not account for the speed of the cyclist and was, simply, in the way. Motos should never be placed where there is potential (clearly more than potential in this case) to impact a rider’s trajectory.

      • jon

        the moto was ahead of Paulihno. I don’t think the pilot of the motorcycle can hear a cyclist drift into him from behind. On top of that, the moto was holding a straight line. Further more, the moto wasn’t “placed” at that specific location to begin with; they were there to capture racing footage, they had a job to do. Kudos for the moto not crashing and causing any further carnage.


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