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  • Strictly B Grade

    As if Nike and Trek didn’t know what was going on.

    • jules

      next they’ll have Bruyneel testifying that he was deceived, as evidence of Lance’s duplicity. ridiculous

    • Sean

      They probably each made over 100 million from France Neilstrong’s cheating.

    • dsd74

      Even if Nike did know, apparently a doping history is irrelevant: see Justin Gatlin.

      • Dave

        They also contributed to the Tonya Harding defence fund.

    • velocite

      Surprising if Lance has $100m left.

      • jules

        people in his situation don’t have $100m sitting in the bank, thinking “I wonder if I’ll have to pay that to litigants?” whatever he has will be tied up in a web of trusts and shelf companies

        • Michele

          Juliet Macur’s book on Armstrong gave me the impression he held a few garage sales to get rid of his assets.
          No doubt his financial adviser would’ve suggested LA place the proceeds into anyone’s else bank account except his. Will be easier for him to declare bankruptcy and still live a ‘comfortable’ life.

        • Gordon

          Agree with the trust note but sort of by definition a shelf company is on the shelf, waiting for action. Then they are often used as a trustee for the trust.

          Sorry that is the accountant in me coming out. I’m going back to my sad little place now

          • jules

            shell companies? :)

            • Gordon

              Maybe, not up to date with” creative” accounting in the USA. Just an expert here in Australia.

              I have to go know as I have an appointment at the bottom of the harbour

            • Michele

              They make petrol Jules… I think.

              • jules

                they’re Dutch. Lance probably got them confused with Belgians, from his old USPS days :)

    • Guy Ross

      Can’t find the quote but John Burke, in the late early 2000s when asked what part LA played in the Trek marketing strategy replied, ‘Lance Armstrong is our marketing strategy!’ All knew, all profited, all acted surprised and deceived when the pressure of the truth become too absurd to deny. All knew, all profited, one took the fall. Well, two – if you count Johan…..

  • Michele

    Perhaps Jose Luis Arrieta should’ve given a little bit more forethought before he said [or maybe it was lost in translation]:

    “We do not like to show the broken material out of respect to the manufacturer. It is a move that we do routinely.”

    • Peter

      I missed that…awesome!


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    • Winky

      Yes, poor choice of words, but “routinely” doesn’t mean often. Just that it is their pre-decided policy. It can be routine, even if this is the first time it’s ever happened. In any case, crash damaged frames aren’t unusual, and should not be cause for concern. If you crash, all bets are off.

  • Tom Moloney

    Happy Birthday Cycling Tips. 8-)

  • Michele

    Frank’s victory celebration is a little unusual …
    I understand what he is doing with his right hand. But his left? He’s not pitching himself is he??

    • Jessy Vee

      From the video live on Eurosport last night, it looked like he was fondling a medallion on a necklace around his neck. Maybe a good luck charm?

      Well done, Frankie boy. :)

    • Jii

      A win for all men with gynecological problems. Thanks Dr Fuentes.

      • The first patient I treaded on the gynecologic station in hospital while studying physiotherapy was a man. He had breast cancer.

        • Jii

          Acknowledging that is genuinely awful for that patient however I expect he was seeking treatment. Rather than ‘training plans’.

    • Dale Smith

      He he. Funny! He was holding and kissing what looked like his wedding ring dangling from a chain. Much more romantic than the image suggests.

      • Michele

        Yeah … I saw the footage overnight too.
        Funny how one still photo can distort what really happened.

        • Dave

          Anyone who watched (instead of looking at one photo) would have seen that.

      • Guy Ross

        My wife, who has a passive aggressive relationship to our sport even asked, ‘What the hell was that?’ as she walked past the Tele yesterday evening here in Germany as the beloved Luxembourgois came in.

  • Dave

    Australia really needs to hurry up and legalise same sex marriage so Matt Keenan and Tom Domoulin can make their big announcement.

    • Michele

      Same sex marriage has been legal in the Netherlands for 14 years now. Why do they need to wait for Australia?


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