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  • Holby City

    Euro humour!

    • jules

      the UCI is now checking all comic mimes for hidden assistants

  • velocite

    Welcome news about Chaves. Also: Movistar broken frame at the Vuelta, Cavendish ‘broken’ wheel.. What sort of wheel, what sort of break?

    • Andy B

      They ride Zipps don’t they.. so its probably a hub failure

      • James Fifield

        I think they actually ride Roval as part of the deal with Specialized.

  • classics guy

    Will we finally see a Boonen v Cancellara showdown next year?? Even if they retire, i wanna see them racing the halls of the retirement village on Zipp spec’d wheelchairs dammit!

  • Jessy Vee

    That Rodriguez video is the best thing I’ve ever seen! That soundtrack… Those masterful dance moves. The magic! The chaos! Five stars.


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February 20, 2017
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