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September 22, 2017
September 21, 2017
September 20, 2017
September 19, 2017
  • Kieran Degan

    Great year by Adam Yates. Showing good form in 1 day races and stage races. Developing so well for such a young guy. Same with Simon. 3 top 10’s in week long stage races. Hope they stick with OGE.

    • John Paul van Dam

      Lets hope so, have they put pen to paper yet?


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  • jules

    nice banner photo.

    • I do like how “refugees welcome” is up in lights.

      • John Paul van Dam

        I don’t know, I’m going to side with Tony and also not trust them. I’m sure this post will help the silly looking big eared bugger’s chances tonight. We’re full up, there is no room. Malcolm looks just like an asylum seeker, you can tell he is part indigenous by the ties he wears and should be extradited to New Zealand, I don’t trust him either.

        So now what? refugees welcome because we don’t got no room.

  • Ohnuts

    Yikes Foster was keen. Wonder if he pondered loping off a testicle to ‘get in the zone’!

    • jules

      or having numerous one night stands? he takes his method acting seriously

      • Michele

        I thought it was a little OTT for Foster to *allegedly* bug all the Andreu’s phone lines.

        • jules

          that wasn’t Foster, it was the actor who played Bill Stapleton ;)

      • Pete

        I find this hard to believe, he looks like a puffy B or C grader. So if he took gear to end up like this, then he’s as big of a dickhead as Lance is. The guy is a joke, i’m surprised he hasn’t also cut his nuts out and worked out a way to give himself cancer.

        • jules

          Lance was no lightweight himself for much of his career

  • Andy B

    Nasty Crash by Carvendish

  • yancey

    Cav straight ran into the front quarter of the car. You can see that the line was hugging the edge of the road and most riders were correcting left around the car. Cav has it head down a bit, didn’t see the car until too late.

    • John Paul van Dam

      Shows he’s a shit rider and is on the way out. Next he’ll be need a guide dog or more likely a wheelchair if he keeps crashing into parked cars like this.

      What an idiot.

  • Mark Wells

    Re. Cav’s crash. I’ve watched a little of the Tour of Britain this year and cars parked on narrow roads has been a real issue, I saw several near misses. The organisers need to get on top of this.

    • De Mac

      Fact is everybody else managed to miss the car and he was too busy looking down, not ahead. Unfortunate crash, but completely avoidable if he was on his toes.

  • Michele

    Thanks for today’s edition of Daily News Digest …

    Just need to find 156+ minutes to watch all the Video footage :)

    • Michele

      All is good; the Block is on TV tonight. I’ve found my window without upsetting the better half.

      Thank goodness for reality TV :)

    • Pete

      It’s called a long lunch, take one.

  • Michele

    Fair call against Greipel? Nope.

    Who was the race commissaire? Rupert Murdoch?

    • Jessy Vee

      I haven’t studied the footage, but upon a quick glance I noticed that AG seemed more concerned with what was happening on his right (our left) and probably didn’t mean to run so far left (our right).

      • Michele

        That was my initial thoughts too. I think that taps by Vivani alerted AG to him being there.

        Definitely didn’t appear to be malicious/deliberate.

        Does that still constitute being relegated?

        • Paul S

          Very true, we all know that if he’d touched his brakes he’d have dropped at least 30 places in the bunch.

  • Arfy

    That’s one big UCI logo in Van Houweling’s photo. Was it strategically placed over Brian Cookson riding around the track?

  • Gondwanaland

    Did any of you see the dirty person representing wiggle hanging a piss in clear view on the side of the road near Bellbrae on saturday? He looked like a pedo flashing himself in broad daylight, my kids saw his junk, they didn’t need to see his junk and can’t un-see it. What a disgusting way to not only represent that brand, but more importantly the sport we love.

    I reckon 100 cars would have driven past this dirty bastard in the minute or two it took him to piss in clear view of the road. Not only was it too stupid to piss pointing away from the traffic, my god, for the record there were ample very quiet side roads within view, also plenty of privacy offering trees within 20-30 meters walk and
    you guessed it – some clean and impossible to miss public toilets less
    than 2kms from this dirty pricks pissing and flashing location.

    Way to go wiggle – what a joke you are.

    • jules

      maybe just someone who bought a wiggle top?

      • Gondwanaland

        …… and the official wiggle branded station wagon? seems likely. Joe public doesn’t drive around in wiggle branded station wagons Jules.

    • Dave

      I wasn’t there so didn’t see it, but I’d like some opinions over whether people think that is better or worse than what I had during Amy’s Ride last year – being almost blown off the road by a high speed close pass from an event support vehicle plastered with AGF ‘a metre matters’ stickers.

      The leadership of the AGF need to tighten up on some of their organisational issues.

  • Dave

    I like the statement about the striped jersey, nice work by the police.

    It does make you wonder though, how come they can find a solitary OGE bike (from a manufacturer which sells OGE-liveried bikes to the public at that) but not any of those whole team fleets of bikes which get “stolen” at minor races during the early part of each season? Insurance jobs?

    • doorand

      Bike get flogged all through the year bro.

  • Derek Maher

    Lovely GC win by Emma Johansson its nice to see her get a first after trying so hard this season.
    Shelly Olds was in fine sprinting form to take the win in Spain.
    Great to see the lads get their bike back and the evil ones nabbed.
    John Degenkolb finaly got the win in the sprint for the line. Aru deserved his first place and Astana rode a great race.
    I did enjoy the Vuelta this year.

  • Annie.

    More news: Cadel Evans back to MTB; apparently he takes part in the 2nd edition of Swiss Epic (a MTB stage race).

    source: http://acrossthecountry.net/perskindol-swiss-epic-1-lakatahynek-prolog-sieger/

    “Als Überraschungsgast stellte sich der Tour-de-France-Gewinner und
    Ex-Mountainbiker Cadel Evans als Einzelfahrer zum Prolog an den Start
    und zeigte mit einer Zeit von 52:36 Minuten, dass er noch nicht ganz aus
    der Übung ist.”

    (EN: It was a surprise to see Tour-de-France winner and ex mountainbike pro Cadel Evans as individual rider at the start line for the prologue. Finishing at 52:36 minutes, he proved that he’s not totally out of the game yet.)

    Results: http://services.datasport.com/2015/mtb/swissepic/prolog/default.htm#Marke0
    Race Homepage: http://swissepic.com/


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September 22, 2017
September 21, 2017
September 20, 2017
September 19, 2017