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  • jules

    what happened to the crash porn?

    • Michele

      The person took down the video from YouTube. Guessing they may have got abused for not stopping to assist???

      I didn’t actually see the video so not passing judgment, just going from some of the comments that accompanied it on the CT page.

      More importantly, what happened to Floyd Landis in that trailer ???

      • jules

        in some sports the objective is actually to hurt other participants. no one’s taking those videos down.

        and which trailer – the movie or USPS’s? :)

        • Sean Doyle

          I’m confused……………that seems to happen to often these days.

          • Michele

            Confused about what … :)

            • Sean Doyle

              The original comment and subsequent conversation. Crash porn?

              • Michele

                I think [Jules will correct me], Jules was referring to the YouTube footage of a crash in Amy’s GF from Sunday. CT had a link to it, there were about 20 comments made on it.

                The page was removed from CT – I think because the uploader of the video removed it from YouTube. [Hence my comment]. I wonder if the person who filmed the crash [I didn’t see it] copped flack for not stopping and decided to remove it.

                Of course, I may have it all wrong and have hence confused the matter; for which I am sorry.

                Does this help clear things up??

                • Sean Doyle

                  Yep. I didn’t see the video etc. but it makes sense.

                  It’s funny, I asked an old school mate of mine who is a late comer to cycling but he does some fairly hard core miles in training (too much in my opinion but that’s another day), why he doesn’t give racing a go. He fired back saying he doesn’t want to crash and prefers the fondo’s. I may have a wrong perception but I often hear of some absolutely monumental crashing going on in the fondo’s. It’s one of the main reasons I avoid them.

                  • jules

                    it depends on the type of Fondo though. at the pointy end (as in the removed video), Amy’s Ride is a road race. but you still get crashes on cruisy fondos, due to hubbards touching wheels while daydreaming or in stage 5 hunger flat. racing is usually pretty disciplined as you get a lot of the same people week in week out, and it can get a bit uncomfortable if you become known as someone who crashes regularly, but the occasional crash still happens.

                    • Sean Doyle

                      The I am completely naive about the world of Fondo’s. I grew up on road racing and handicaps with weekly training crits. This is probably a question for an entirely new thread/discussion/opinion piece but is the Fondo pushing out the traditional road racing at the club/open level we have here in Australia? I’ve noticed Fondo numbers increasing while other promoters/clubs having to cancel traditional road racing because of entry numbers being too low. I don’t know and maybe I’m being a bit Felix Unger about the Fondo. The last ‘fun’ ride I did was many years ago before the word Fondo entered the Australian vernacular.

                    • jules

                      Amy’s Ride is different to most Fondos, as top 25% qualifies you for World Amateur road champs. beyond that, it’s just got a racy feel to it. other fondos are pretty cruisy and you’d look like a knob treating them as a race – but then what does that really mean anyway? I don’t think they compete much (Fondos vs. racing) as most people don’t have the cash to stump up regularly for Fondos, and even if you did, why would you?

                    • Sean Doyle

                      I guess that’s my point. Not sure really. I’ve been sidelined for over 18 months now with CFS and from the outside it looks like the landscape is changing a lot with regard to racing. Not being in amongst the scene it’s kind of hard to keep tabs on it in a way.

                    • Fondos or sportives, as they’re referred to in Europe, are gradually becoming referred to as races. I don’t like that, personally. I’d rather see the participants, join a club & start racing and see how they go. Sportives, Fondos, are or have become, the hipsters version of a race. The lines are blurring, and whilst it’s great to get many on bikes, this is a backward step, to the detriment of road racing.

                    • Sean Doyle

                      I tend to agree. Untime and unprize the Fondo in my opinion.

                    • Abdu

                      Canty won the Fondo this year, isn’t he a top NRS racer / knocking on the door of Pro Conti? No issue with that, but it shows the levels ‘participating’.
                      In reality, the fast guys are generally well gone away and not a danger to anyone less experienced. It’s the Hubbards killing each other where the danger lies. I rode with the slowest in our group and still had a muppet side swipe me on the finish line into 4,003rd place. Well done champ.
                      I might add that the cakes were good at every aid station but probably the last one station had cakes with the right amount of moisture and hold.

                    • Gondwanaland

                      I would just like to not see some freaky wiggle flasher pisssing in plain view of my children. I’m keen to see why wiggle staff think it’s OK to show their doodle to my young children. I’m at a loss….cycling australia and AGF what’s up? Disgusting!

                    • Anon N + 1

                      If your children haven’t seen it before, they won’t know what it is. If they have, it won’t be a surprise to them. Relax. I think everyone, including your children, have to pee from time to time. Where I live, it is fairly common for men, at least, to pee beside the road. And yes, it is a bit gross, but then again so is stepping on dog feces or cleaning up your kids’ vomit when they’re sick. If you don’t like what you see, just look the other way.

                  • Michele

                    I can’t comment on this year’s edition … out ‘injured’

                    But I didn’t really enjoy last year’s GF. Not 100% sure I’d go again. I’ve done it twice now. I won’t go into my lengthy reasons why.

                    I usually cruise around; a group of us actually stop for a lengthy lunch each time we do it. Last year the sag wagon nearly caught up before we crossed the finish line – finished 5 minutes in front it.

                    As a consequence I do not see too many crashes.

                    Last year we saw a guy getting CPR by 2 nurses on the Skenes Creek climb. [We stopped]. They had to call a helicopter in for that. It was touch and go for him, according to newspaper reports the day after. I see the exact same thing happened this year on the climb.

                    • velocite

                      Sunday was my fourth Amy Gillett, and every one has been blast, and part of a great weekend to boot. Concluding with breakfast on Monday morning at Wye River. You do pass the odd accident – and it would be good to get some follow up information on them: what was the problem and outcome of the one on the Skene’s climb? – but to me the ride seems no more dangerous than a commute to the CBD. You do need to be careful on the descents though. I find it surprising how many strong riders clearly haven’t taken the trouble to learn how to take a corner.

                  • Abdu

                    I reckon I have watched a lot of club racing, and never seen anything as bad as Around the Bay for massive stacks.
                    Start with a large helping of relatively inexperienced riders (mamils who ride a few days a week with 2-3 mates on Beach Road, having only done this in the last couple of years), be careful not to expose (keep out of large bunches), shake vigorously (train for a Fondo), drain off any excess (no skills training, or coaching, just buy the $10k bike and hammer yourself on Beach Road), then throw all together. Nigella couldn’t do it better.

      • Andy B

        Landry has fire in his eyes

  • Neil

    What’s the inside word on Jack Bob? After all the trumpeting that the pursuit squad would all be on Budget Forklifts and the benefits of this etc, etc I’m more than a bit surprised to see him go back to World Tour in an Olympic year.

    • Marcus

      It’s just been announced that he’s signed with Trek Factory Racing.

      • Michele

        I think that’s what Neil means :)

        Will be interesting to see how Trek juggle his track commitments with what they want / expect from him on the road.

        I was a little surprised to read he moved to Trek for next year, but maybe it will just be too hard for him to get back into a WT squad if he has another 12 months away from it?

  • Stirrer

    Is Mientjes qualified for the women’s or men’s tour?
    He might start shaving by the time he wins a GT…


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