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  • Sean

    It’s great to see Davide Rebellin winning again.

    • muz


      I quickly scrolled past that section so I had to neither look at his mug or read the report…

    • Michele

      The guy hasn’t stopped winning Sean .. he’s a bona fide legend of the sport.

      [I saw his picture and promptly moved onto the next CT story].

    • jules

      44 yrs old! how does he do it? :)

      same team as stefan schumacher..

      • Sean Doyle

        one was, always will be.

  • Doc

    Boeckmans – sounds pretty lucky. Could’ve easily been a different ending by the sounds of it. Hope he gets back to his best soon

  • jules

    Landa moves to Sky, pursuing better team leadership opportunities, replacing Richie Porte who left Sky to…. umm..

    • Paolo

      He has about 1.5Mill other reasons….

      • jules

        fair enough. spent it wisely :)

    • Kieran Degan

      I think he’ll struggle at Sky. He seems a bit of a lone ranger. Not sure he’ll like riding to their formula.

      • Michele

        I agree Kieran …. I think it will either make or break him.

        What I have seen of him so far; he does appear to be a lone ranger. Not sure if he fits into Sky’s modus operandi.

        After 3 TdF wins; you think Sky looking at getting all 3 GTs with 2/3 different riders?

        • Yifan Fei

          that could be the case Michele, its already been proven that 2 is difficult to do with the attempts of Contator and Froome so maybe a bit of a different tactic with 2-3 seperate leaders. Kwiatkowski apparently as been given an offer as well?

  • geoff.tewierik

    With the drop in Stages pricing announced, http://www.dcrainmaker.com/2015/09/stages-drops-prices.html, Pioneer may have to reassess their launch prices.

    • Sean Doyle

      Unless it’s of actual higher quality.

  • jon

    Any one watching cross-vegas in a few hours?

  • Cippo

    Finally a Garmin competitor! (except that Magellan rubbish)


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